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"Top Chef Master (Season Two)" Discussion Thread (Possible Spoilers)

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    Please use this thread for discussion of the episode "Top Chef Master."
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    Nice finale Marcus which will finally be more to me than the guy that was on the horrible first Iron Chef America with William Shatner. The chefs past and inspirations were great with Susar taking the cake his first wife being murdered by Russians on the infamous Korean air flight. Susar would've taken it but with no room for error his sushi creation was too big and different from his graceful style and Rick once again a bridesmaid and not the bride oh well maybe next year. It amazes me once again how good this show is with it being so short damn near eclipsing Top Chef.

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    I actually prefer Top Chef Masters to Top Chef. The chefs are professionals, stars in their own right. The times I have seen the original, there is always someone who hates someone else. I remember the finals in Season 4 in Puerto Rico. I wanted to take all the sharp objects away, lest Richard or Lisa killed each other. I stopped watching after that.

    Now, for this finale. From the start, I felt that it was a competition between Marcus and Susar. As it turns out, the finale is just the same as last year. The chefs had to make a dish that was your first food memory, the food that made you a chef and where you are now. And the judges included the contestants from last year. I must say everyone looked VERY HAPPY as they were being served their food. Everything was delicious, even though there were a few comments of some missteps.

    I have to say I loved Hubert. I have not been to Michael's new restaurant in the Napa Valley yet. And Rick should be very proud of what he did. I just about wept when Susar spoke of his first wife. She would be proud of how he carried on with his life. I know I would be. I grew up in the Bay Area and went to Dim Sum with one of my Chinese girlfriends in SF. It was so marvelous. I can relate to the judges at the table. They wanted to hold hands and be teleported to Hong Kong to the restaurant of Susar's youth. However, the sushi did him in. I am sad. I cannot believe he came in third.

    Rick had a sweet story too. It reminded me of Tony Bourdain with his first oyster in France. The food looked amazing. The venison was a brave choice. I have been to New Zealand and had to deer meat. It is delicious. The pork belly and gnocchi may not have been up to snuff. That may be the mark that kept him from winning. Still, second place was better than I expected from him.

    Marcus had a sad beginning in Africa, with a new life in Sweden. I did not know that and it makes his life even more amazing. Last year, I felt that Rick's mole won the competition for him. This year, the foie gras ganache made Marcus the winner of season two. I cannot say he did not deserve it. He was one of the top runners to me and it is not that big of a surprise. A job well done by all.
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