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"Trick In a Box" Discussion Thread (Possible Spoilers)

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    Please use this thread for discussion of the episode "Trick in a Box."
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    Nice group of personalities Roy being the nice guy I was rooting for him, I was hoping Michael wouldn't get destroyed by the seasoned chef, Art was over the top and his rooster vs chicken quip had me arch an eyebrow or two and I was taken aback by Jonathan's arrogance. Nice entry into the quickfire the beloved one aisle challenge glad Roy and Art were in the top but shocked that Michael blew everyone away with a dish not even in his cooking discipline wow! Now the stage was set for Jonathans ego to put him into over drive and I was anticipating what he would do. Liked the way the mystery boxes went all the chefs did well by each other. Art's food looked great but it had that comfortable feel to it which was good they liked the souther comfort. Art and his Asian flair looked good but sadly the students didn't care for it much to my surprise. Micheal worried me with not getting his sauce on all the dishes and Jonathan looked like a leader with his retro dish and going into the judges table I had no ideal who would win. In the end Jonathan vs Art made sense and I was glad Art won heck all that innuendo will be fun to hear and not sure I wanted to see more of Jonathan's superiority complex real fun episode.
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