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"Wedding Wars" Discussion Thread (Possible Spoilers)

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    Please use this thread for discussion of the episode "Wedding Wars."
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    Another enjoyable episode but Susur not sure you can believe anything he says his stories sound a little like playing for the camera. As to the competiton don't like the team advancements to the next round and I don't get why things are being rushed. Since Top Chef won't come back until August at the earliest why do they need to end the show so quickly? Oh well liked the challenge that berry mountain monstrocity they created was hilarious and Susur love him or hate him was incredible with five desserts. Glad the diners saved some of the chefs the experts say mushy beef but the regular folk say it's divine melts in your mouth. Makes me wonder if a show that hinges on expert judges if their opinons should take a back seat to the diners.

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    The show started with teams and the blindfolded relay race for the Quickfire challenge. It could not have been funnier.

    I cannot imagine a bigger nightmare than catering a wedding on such short notice. Most chefs are not bakers, so having a cake was a huge disadvantage. Perhaps that is why the team that had the better food won out over the team with the better desserts. Chefs are supposed to make great food. May I mention that most wedding cakes I have had in my life tasted awful? There has been a huge improvement in the last ten years or so, but years ago, yuck.

    It blew me away when Susur made a croquembouche. They take the skill of an experienced baker and lots of time. The American guests probably had no idea how hard it is to make one of them. It is a job most home bakers, aside from Martha Stewart, leaves to the pros.

    On the losing team, it was not a shock that Carmen went home. She did not seem to have enough dishes.

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