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  • This is a multi part show where each week for the first 6 weeks 4 chefs compete for a chance to get into the finals. The difference here is these are established chefs, not cooking wannabes and some of them have actually been judges on the show.

    The show follows the same format as the other version with a quick fire and an elimination round, but this elimination has only one chef move on.
    The quick fire was the most dreaded, desert and instead of 90 minutes they got 60. All the chefs had different takes on how to go, especially when they saw that their judges were going to be Girl Scouts.
    The first four chefs are Christopher Lee, Tim Love, Hubert Keller and Michael Schlow, each one with a differing point of view.
    The deserts were interesting but Hubert Keller knocked it out of the park with his whimsical and tasty treats. The scoring is also different here, where they are graded by stars and the scores are known and carry into the next round.
    The elimination was really tough, they had to make a three course dinner dorm room style, with a hot plate, microwave and toaster oven. This they thought would be OK, until they got there and found that they were doing it in a dorm room.
    All the chefs did remarkable considering they had such limited cooking venues but once again Hubert Keller shined, his first course the judges remarked would have been good enough to be on his menu at his restaurant, and his mac and cheese with shrimp just blew them away. He won going away, but all chefs did a remarkable job considering what they had to work with.
    I do miss Padma and Tom though.