Top Chef

Season 3 Episode Special

4 Star All Stars

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 06, 2007 on Bravo

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  • eight former contestants..4 from season 1 and 4 from season 2..return to compete for more money while contestants from the upcoming season 3 judge

    this was a very interesting ep b/c it was nice to see some friendly faces again..i liked who they chose for most part but two it was nice to see them all back and again they have to compete which put them back in the same conditions as before but still for money..i think it had an interesting twist on it when the contestants from season 3 joined them and got to taste their was interesting how the returning contestants said its easy to be on the other side and judge lol..and they gave advice to the new contestants at the end which was nice
  • An interesting challenge for worthy causes.

    The egg challenge was interesting and also realistic. I know of many a chef that had had to work with a bandaged hand or burnt hand and was basically working one handed. To see two different chefs each using one hand to help each other was good team work and a little comical.
    The teams were great. Dave may not have won in his season but is definitely a star. Tiffany showed her skills, as did everyone else.
    The choice of the courses was a real spectrum of the culinary chart, scallops, lobster, duck and kobe beef. I think that Dave being the team player may have toned it down too much, but the judges liked both dishes. The lobster was good, but Marcel and his freaking foams, goofy hair and just unbearable attitude I can do without. I am glad they judges did not prefer this dish. However his counterpart Stephen is equally arrogant, but shows a lot of skill.
    The duck was just not done well by either, and that was a disappointment, both could have done better.
    The beef dish on both sides was great. I did not care who won the overall as long as I did not have to hear Marcel run his mouth, and he did at the end of the program still griping about using spices instead of his self professed cooking skill.
    I found it equally interesting that the palates of the new students was so bad. Some of them had no clue on what the chefs were doing and if it did not taste like diner food they were lost. And the table that had Marcel lovers, they will learn that talent and not attitude is what it takes to win.
    I saw the previews of the new season at the end, and it looks like the critics of the all stars got theirs in spades.