Top Chef

Season 4 Episode 1

Anything You Can Cook I Can Cook Better

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 12, 2008 on Bravo

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  • Top Chef is back!

    I think that the fourth season has a lot of characters but they all do as it will be something else. We see that we have a lesbian couple and a smart aleck that you love to hate in Spike. Think that this season will turn out to be the best one as I like so far. Pizza is really a good Chicago tradition as that is the quick fire challenge. And then we get into the classic head to head elimination challenge. Anthony Bourdan is the judge that you love to hate. Rocco I think is pretty good as a guest judge. New season, the fourth one.
  • The new contestants go head-to-head to prove that they have what it takes to be the next Top Chef.

    All in all, this is a pretty good way to begin the fourth season of Top Chef. A few people stick out from the crowd so far, but there are no sure winners in the crew.

    The pizza Quickfire Challenge was much more forgiving than the previous season's opening challenge. All the contestants had to do was make their own signature deep dish pizza. There were some very yummy sounding pizzas, and some not so yummy ones, like the one that was a big round of crust with no sauce. All in all, it was a pretty simple challenge, and one I think everyone stood up to.

    The head-to-head challenge was a little disconcerting, but also very interesting. Unfortunately, I think including a souffle was a mistake. The previous seasons of Top Chef have clearly shown that desserts and these chefs do not usually go together, and roping two people into making a souffle was a little underhanded, but neither of them went home, so nothing bad happened as a result. The elimination this round came down to what it often comes down to on Top Chef, the basics. I think they made the right decision, and I also think that this is going to be a great season of Top Chef.
  • Who wants pizza?

    Because this is still a fairly new season, its a little hard for me to pick a person who i like and dislike. I dont have a favorite contestant yet or one that i cant stand. I think by the next two episodes i can say who i am rooting for, but right now i cant say. I thought the pizza challange was neat. Some people really shined. I was a little disapointed that the judges sent that one chick home. But they seem to crack down hard on the contestants who overdue it with the salt so i kinda knew she was going to get sent ome. I put salt on everything so i can see where she is coming from.
  • A few twists and turns, it is a little early in the series to determine the depth of the players, but gimmick cooks do not work for me.

    As a previous reviewer stated about the lesbian couple, where is Jerry Springer, but if they both can cook who cares. It seems that the producers are trying to get more viewers by using a little buzz about the judges and contestants. I can agree with Andrew Bourdain about Rocco, he seems to be making his living on reality TV rather than cooking. He got to where he was on reality TV. Sure he can cook but he now is only as good as his last show.
    As for the quickfire, oh well. I am not a fan of deep dish, never have been. It is like a loaf of bread with toppings, not a real pizza. The toppings offered were interesting but I would not run out and buy a single one of them.
    The elimination challenge on the other hand was different. Having them face off making the same dish was interesting. Some of the dishes was very well done, and others were poor. I think that the souflee was a monkey wrench as while you need to make them at least one time in your cooking lifetime, most times they are not on a menu.
    I liked the lasagna dish and the duck, the guy who uses smoke and mirrors reminds me too much of Marcel. And this guy is taking other guys pizza pans in the first round, what is next.
  • Intros to all the new characters, not really enought time to get a fix on anyone, but the show continues into its fourth season, with a new cast, and only a few personalities stand out..

    I've been a Top Chef fan for the last few seasons, I think it's an intersting show with a very cool premise, I like to see what some rookies can do to impress the very well known judges. This season, we're in Chicago, and the cast of chefs is less than impressive so far. While everyone meets at the Chicago Pizzeria Uno, we learn a bit about some of the more personable chefs, and find that 2 previously know each other and are a lesbian couple. What is this, Jerry Springer? Do we really need a plot twist in a reality cooking show? Were there no other chefs to choose from, or is this just a ratings stunt? I guess we'll see...

    The quick fire challenge is a (surprise) deep dish pizza. The Elimination Challenge, the contest was for the winning goup to select from the losing group , a person to challenge head to head on classic dishes. Each goup selected a dish to cook, and both chefs had to come up with their own versions for the judges to choose from. I'm not partial to anyone yet, but I won't jump to conclusions, I jut think the cast so far is weak, aside from one or two standouts (one being Richard, who cooks with the neat gadgets and ingredients, he refers to his cooking style as molecular gastronomy). Let's all hope this season picks up...
  • The chefs are more varied....

    I'm very please with the premiere of Season 4 and at the same time having hunger pangs for some Chicago style pizza. I haven't gotten familiar with everyone but one of my favorite already is Stephanie because of the little anxiety quirks. She wins the elimination challenge and Nimma unfortunately goes home. My absolute favorites as far as skills would have to be Mark and Richard. My favorites as far as personalities goes is Andrew and Stephanie. As far as firsts are concern, this is the first time Top Chef has had a couple competing against each other on the show, but it seems they've earn their right to be there so far. Anyway, the quickfire required them making their own deep-dish pizza and the elimination challenge had each chef competing against another one to see who can make a particular dish the best.
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