Top Chef

Season 9 Episode 9

BBQ Pit Wars

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 04, 2012 on Bravo



  • Notes

    • This episode was "supersized" by 15 minutes. Reruns had differently spaced commercial breaks and the following scenes removed: the cookbook delivery to the hotel room and late night study session, pieces of Beverly's Quickfire calamity and part of Ed's comment about her, Ed's comment about Nathan being able to do everything after Padma said Nathan won the World Barbeque Championship, shopping details, chefs sampling Scott Roberts' barbecue at the Salt Lick, the exchange about Chris J.'s vegan t-shirt, parts of the first musical number, general eating shots, and the second musical number. Pieces were shaved from Quickfire judging comments, Tom's interactions with the chefs during cooking time, and Elimination judging comments.