Top Chef

Season 4 Episode 3

Block Party

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 26, 2008 on Bravo

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  • Not my favorite of the season!

    Not my favorite of the shows as they didn't have a lot to do. As well as no cooking utensils it seems. How can you not get food and have no cooking utensils? I mean, you could get food dirty over that. Plus, I think you should wear gloves in order to present the food to the block party. Glad though that they are mingling with the crowd. The team that Spike was on didn't seem to care about the challenge as they wanted to mingle with the people. Noting bac about that but the team that Stephanie was on, worked hard and cared about their food. As they won that challenge easily. Over hard work!
  • taco quickfire and block party elimination challenge

    this wasnt one of my faves b/c i mean i realize this is a competition but that doesnt mean that they have to be completely nasty with each the person i thought would win for sure..i think it was manuel and im like oh my gosh..his looked perfect but i guess its the taste i was disappointed in that and then i got even more furious when i heard some of the contestants comments in the green room or whatever they call it...then i didnt really like the challenge much and i think they do the block party thing a little too much
  • Silly as in the way the chefs performed, not the way the challenges and judging were executed.

    This episode presented some great opportunities for the chefs that I felt they just threw away. The challenges were great, and it's a shame the contestants just didn't seem up to par.

    The Quickfire Challenge was to make a fine dining taco. Despite complaints from several contestants that a taco isn't a fine dining food, I think that the challenge was, well, challenging, and what else should it be? Sure, we don't tend to think of a taco as a fine dining food, but some of the stuff produced not only looked scrumptious, but also like something that you would be served in a fine dining restaurant. The winner here was clear, and I'd like to try that taco.

    The Elimination Challenge was another group challenge. The chefs had to cater an annual block party, the catch being that they had to collect ingredients from the houses in the neighborhood, which had been stocking up on stuff to use for the party. Despite some underhandedness on the part of the contestants, everyone got what they needed, but that's where things started to go a little wrong. The two obviously wrong choices were mac and cheese and corn dogs. Even I know that mac and cheese, especially made with Velveeta, will turn into a block of rubber after a few minutes, and that corn dogs that sit for an hour and a half in the kitchen and then in a warmer will be soggy and gross. Some of the other dishes just seemed lackluster or like an afterthought, and there were also some naming issues that affected the way dishes were judged. Ultimately, the right decisions were made at judge's table, though it is disappointing to see a chef skate through twice on the strength of the group when she has clearly made basic mistakes both times.
  • Block party

    This weeks quick fire challange was to make an upscale taco. Richard won that challange and was granted immunity for the elimination challange. I thought that this weeks elimiation challange was a good idea. They were catering a block party but they were to only use the food that they got from the comunity. They all had to go door to door and ask for the food. I thought that was a great idea. I was a little disapointed with both teams, I thought they should have done a little better and put a little more effort in their dishes. Eric was sent home for his soggy corndogs.
  • The quickfire was a joke. A fine dining taco is like a fine dining hot dog, a joke. The elimination challenge was a good idea, not very well executed.

    Who had this brain spam, a fine dining taco? Come on, street food is still street food. Having the chefs put a spin on it and then using it in your upscale dining establishment is the ultimate insult. Tacos are not fine dining and it was not your idea.
    The block party could have been much better. The choices of the food was not well thought out. Corn dogs do not sit well for a couple of hours and the Waldorf salad was a disaster. The dish called paella was rice pilaf, it appears that people know fancy names but not how to really make the dishes as they did in previous seasons.
    Yes the right person went home, but it could have been any one of 4 or 5 people.
  • The Block Party

    Well, with a second elimination challenge win, Stephanie has emerge a winner. Maybe I should stop looking @ the personalities and start looking at the skills. Or people just pumped up about skills they don't have either way there were a lot of surprises. Andrew's team probably took a too relax approach to the situation and wasn't as detailed about theirs food. Richard's team won and rightfully so. There were so many mess-ups on the other team, there was little wonder as to why they lost. Andrew tells the judges he's not going home and Spike is outright indignant that they lost but they still lose. Erik is told to go home which isn't really surprising since he hasn't done anything special.