Top Chef

Season 4 Episode 3

Block Party

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 26, 2008 on Bravo

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  • The quickfire was a joke. A fine dining taco is like a fine dining hot dog, a joke. The elimination challenge was a good idea, not very well executed.

    Who had this brain spam, a fine dining taco? Come on, street food is still street food. Having the chefs put a spin on it and then using it in your upscale dining establishment is the ultimate insult. Tacos are not fine dining and it was not your idea.
    The block party could have been much better. The choices of the food was not well thought out. Corn dogs do not sit well for a couple of hours and the Waldorf salad was a disaster. The dish called paella was rice pilaf, it appears that people know fancy names but not how to really make the dishes as they did in previous seasons.
    Yes the right person went home, but it could have been any one of 4 or 5 people.
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