Top Chef

Season 3 Episode 10

Chef Overboard

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 05, 2007 on Bravo

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  • A challenge to bring out a good chef but once again they almost sank the ship & Howie walked the plank...

    Overall I am disappointed in all of the Chefs, they are not acting like a Top Chef or in it to win the title. They just seem to all be hoping to buy time until the finals. Come on this is Top Chef act like it and bring it! That said....

    Am I disappointed that Howie went home? Hmm well not really there where plenty of time prior that I beleive he should have. Did I fall for the fall on his sword to save Brian and go out like he wanted. Ahhh not really but hey I will give him more respect than some of the other in this episode. I was happy when he did at least kind of stand up and say no desert cause it was not working.

    I really have to says I think the judges where wrong on Brian in the show but in Tom's blog he admits to it so I will not blash them. I think that Brian may have it in him to be Top Chef he just needs some more mentoring like the judges said of Marcel last year.

    I didn't care Casey's part or her dish. I don't think she deserved the win and I don't see anything in her that is what a Top Chef is. It was not like she did one dish and nailed it home, she did two and flopped on one and was pretty on the next. She has never showed leadership ever!!!! And she is not a team player, she rather just stand over on the side and do her thing and blah blah.

    Sarah she is not much better, while she did have a good showing in the second episode of restruant wars otherwise if she wants to be Top Cehf she needs to step it up. She could be the first women Top Chef but she has to really show some skill and bring it everytime and not play safe.

    Hung disappointed me. He has a lot of talent to me and could go all the way but he just sat after showing his skill in the quickfire. Maybe it was the quest judge scaring him but he has to stand up and still show he is more than just safe plain Jane!!! He had a chase to wow ahd show he is after Top Chef even if he was not leader but he took a back seat like Casey always does. CJ he talks big but I have yet to see him too stand up and show but at least he didn't bomb this week. No more to say there. Dale well yah his hair is the only thing that stands up about him and his skill is nothing major to bring. If he is lucky he can hind in the shadow another week.

    Next week I am hoping for some cooking and some actual showing of Chefs. I remember in the show down between season one and two that season three was judging and they thought they could beat season one. Yah not one person except Tre could stand up to season one just because at least they came to play and showed top chef material. And so ends my long opinion LOL.
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