Top Chef

Season 3 Episode 4

Cooking by Numbers

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 11, 2007 on Bravo

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  • First the chefs must pair an appetizer with a Bombay cocktail and then they get into groups of three to create a 3 piece course based on the same ingredient.

    Hung is just really getting on my nerves. He gets more cocky and irritating each episode. I couldn't believe he felt the judge was confused. He can't just accept the fact that maybe he really didn't make the right decision this one time. I mean get over it and don't try to make the judge look bad. He was irritated from the beginning because he felt it was a stupid challenge and didn't like the drink he drew. Casey won the quick fire challenge and I liked her up to this point. However, once they got into their groups, she turned into someone not very nice. I mean she really made it seem like the she took the fact that she wasn't going to be eliminated to heart and just did whatever. She didn't seem to care about her teammates. People need to learn and understand that they need to learn to work with all kinds of people because they don't always get to work with people they like and get along with. I try to emphasize that with my students all the time. Anyway, why does it always seem people who don't do dessert insist on doing it? Has it ever worked out for anyone on this show? I don't know if they sent the right person home as Camille is just one of about a handful I have no clue about, but oh well...she's gone. I really like Tre, but I guess because he seems to have been pretty consistent throughout and doesn't seem to get into any confrontations with people, we haven't seen much of him up to this point. I don't think Brian really did a lot of cooking, but I guess he pulled off a good dish. Brian kinda irritates me, I don't know why. Well, another good week.
  • Great bounce back from last week.

    So the chef's had to pair an appetizer with a drink, isnt this familiar? However, instead of Bailey's, now its an exotic Bombay cocktail. The dishes all looked presentable, Hung was yet again on the bottom and said that the chef was "confused", that was classic, but ragging on one of the head chef's didnt end there, later Tom Collichio made a glance at Joey's use of soy sauce, and Joey had a hissy fit, within that group, this is the first episode where we see Casey, I nabbed her in the beggining with a biotchy personality, and I think I was right. Lia did an Awesome job with that shrimp. The poor dessert group, I didnt even know who Camille was though, but everyone was sad to see her go. We also learn in this episode that if it doesnt work out for Sarah N., she can always get a job at Denny's.
  • Another good show. They pair into three. I think you can see the more bland & pale chefs versus the creative, talented chefs. But I think the sent the right one home.

    In this episode, Hung was a little too much for me in this episode and I'm just not feeling him anymore. He's a little too cocky for me and doesn't seem to be able to take criticism. I still like his energy but he's no longer a favorite. Tre is still a favorite of mine but we simply didn't see a lot of him in this episode, but he still shows up in this strong dishes. Sara still isn't pulling out strong dishes even though personality wise she's a favorite of mine and I never really notice Camille before, so I wasn't disappointed for her to be the one voted off. Joey is getting on my nerves due to his childish ways but he pulled off a good dish. I think the worse decision in this show is for one team to do dessert dishes when they didn't really know how to cook pastry dishes and all of them pretty much fail with their dishes, but it was Camille they chose to go home. Casey won immunity in this episode but didn't pull out with a strong dish in the end. I think the toughest contenders right how are among Tre, Howie, Hung, Brian, and I just like C.J. Good episode though especially the pairing up of Howie & Joey.
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