Top Chef

Season 9 Episode 5

Don't Be Tardy for the Dinner Party

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 30, 2011 on Bravo



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    • Court Westcott: I want something that's going to make my inner fat kid cry, all right? That's what I want, okay? I want rich, bold flavors.
      Kameron Westcott: And more is better, here in Texas.
      Court Westcott: I have a Gummi Bear addiction. My wedding cake was a Gummi Bear, a giant Gummi Bear.
      Ed: I can't compute that someone with that kind of elegance is telling me that I should cook Gummi Bears.

    • Chuy: (while menu planning at the entrée house) The husband's a really adventurous guy. She's high-maintenance. This is why I avoid actually doing these things. I prefer them coming to my restaurant. I can kick them out there.

    • Troy Kloewer: I thought Grayson's dish looked great. It was a little rich for me, I have to be honest, for my taste buds.
      Tom: Oh, I thought it was just impossible to be too rich in Dallas, Texas.
      (Everyone at the table laughs.)

  • Notes

    • Immediately following this episode, Last Chance Kitchen's fourth episode was available for streaming on

    • Also Featured:
      > Kim and Justin Whitman – Guest Clients, Appetizer Course
      > Kari and Troy Kloewer – Guest Clients, Entrée Course
      > Kameron and Court Westcott – Guest Clients, Dessert Course

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