Top Chef

Season 2 Episode 2

Eastern Promise

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 2006 on Bravo

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  • Not for the squemish

    This show is not for the squemish, as teams had to make some fish, as in raw fish. If you aren't a fan of fish like I am, then this show isn't for you. As two teams, named team Korea and team Vietnam as well as a judge who doesn't speak really good English in the elimination round. Team Vietnam came on very strong and won the elimination challenge. But Team Korea has the weak team despite Marisa's dish not doing well. It was Otto that took the bullet for the team. Padma is doing a good job as hostess so far. Don't miss Katie!
  • all about the fish

    Okay first off i would like to say that i am sole basting my review on presentation only because I do not like nor do I eat sushi. I would have been sick in there with all thosedead fish. Just the thought of the smell was making me nausious. Franks dish looked cute but i know i would never eat it. The eyes were still looking at me. Cliff's dish won him immunity. It was clams with chopped up mangos... I guess! I think the Korean team did a really good job selling their dishes. Not my favorite storyline but interesting to watch.
  • The chefs tackle far Eastern cuisine as well as their fellow competitors this week on Top Chef. The chefs get their first team challenge, and one team gels while the other makes jello.

    This was a revealing episode, but it's like they say, don't prod the beach rubble if you're squeamish. This week we got raw fish, a sea sick chef, and a team challenge that brought out the best of their backstabbing natures. It was great tv, but no top chefs rose to the top. The sushi challenge was judged by a fellow who didn't speak English which was probably a good thing for Mia and Michael, but he brought an interpreter to deliver his kudos to Cliff, Otto, Frank, Elia, and Ilan, with sweet immunity going to Cliff. Then the chefs drew knives to see which team they would be on for the eimination challenge and some of them used them on their fellow teammates. One team was to create Vietnamese dishes and the other Korean.
    Team Vietnam came out strong under the leadership of Josie. They did a spring roll which was very well received and Pho, a Vietnamese stew traditionally served over vermicelli. The Pho was not without its problems, but Team Vietnam finished their selection with a cucumber and aloe refresher that was truly enjoyed.
    Team Korea made a tasty pork dish and a cementlike panna cotta that no one cared to eat. Team Korea was also hampered by scandal, with allegations of theft and cheating dividing them and making them waste precious time rectifying things.
    So the judges had a dilemma. They loved Team Korea's pork but hated the panna cotta. They liked the spring roll of Team Vietnam but were underwhelmed by their pho. In the end it was Betty's refresher and her salesmanship that gave her team the victory and the position of top chef of this round.
    Determining which chef was to go home was also difficult. Otto was ostensibly reponsible for the questionable acquisition of the lychees, but it was Marisa's panna cotta that lost Team Korea the challenge. In the end Otto took it out of the judges' hands and bowed out of the competition.
  • Otto's head explodes!

    This was a great episode. Good guys gone bad, Bad guys turing into rats. Poor Otto, he was trying so hard that he let his ethics slip. I don't think he had done anything that many of have expirenced in our own shopping. Getting back extra change, not having the bottom of the cart checked, mis-labeled (in our favor) product. Who among us has not taken advantage of these situations!

    I believe that Marisa (the snake), knew that she had to sacrifice someone or she was gone. She really made Otto's error a smoke screen for her incompetence. Otto, threw himself on his sword and marisa slithered away! I can only hope she goes out quickly!