Top Chef

Season 2 Episode 12

Finale (1)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 24, 2007 on Bravo

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  • Going to Hawaii

    It was nice to see the finl=al for return for the season finale. I must say that i love Ellie's hair now that it has grew back a little. I was excited for all of them ecause i have always wanted to go to Hawaii. I think that Marcel has changed a little since being able to watch the preivious episodes. They will be sending two people home after the elimination challange so all of them are pretty nrevoius at this point. After deliberation the jugdes decided to send Elie and Sam home. Marcel and Ilan will be compeating against each other for the title Top Chef.
  • What happened? When did the rules change? I love it when they cut down in edit... NOT!

    I had a serious issue with one of the judge's decisions. They were in Hawaii, my home state, the challenge was to make two dishes for a Birthday Luau. Sam (my favorite chef on Season two) make a dessert like Haupia (coconut gelatin) and Poke. They booted Sam off because he didn't COOK anything... well, first of all a lot of Hawaiian food isn't cooked... and secondly, there were a NUMBER of challenges when they didn't have to cook (ice cream challenge, vending machine challenge,) so why is this NOW a rule?

    While I understand that they make decisions using help from the producers to make it the show they want. I don't agree with that decision... it was arbitrary and unfair.
  • Tom review these tapes and see what happened and realize ending them the way you are isn't fair and right for the chefs. They need to win on their own cooking skills not some who want to ruin it for them.

    I am very upset to see that Ilan won over Marcel. They were out to get Marcel from the beginning and just because he focused and didn't play around he wasn't a favorite. The judges admitted Ilan did the same kind of theme for his food and in doing that he was boring and uncreative in other areas. Marcel tried many angles and gave it his all, in spite of many sabotaging him and his work. It isn't right to have the team mates help in the final because just like in the first one when Tiffani is assisted by former competitors Stephen and Dave, they were drinking and not really helping Tiffani. She graciously didn't expose what they did but it was obvious as they even stated they didn't want her to win! Same with Marcel he was way better then Ilan and he deserved to win!
  • Suprise, suprise not what i expected

    Well, I am truely surprised. I was not surprised to see Elia go, as much as I would have liked a woman to be in the finals. Elia stayed to true to her nature and did not incorporate the Hawaian food into the mix. I was truely suprised and sorry to see Sam go. I really think that overall, he is the strongest chef, but by the same token, he did not cook any of the dishes. It is obvious that his work during the hiatus paid off. He said it over and over again during the show that he was not strong in the pastry/sweet areas, so what did he do. He went to a top pastry chef and learned. I really like his attitude in the kitchen and in the show. I really think that he is probably the most level headed and strongest of the chefs. It is unfortunate that he did not make it to the final. Remember this is reality TV, just like Rudy should have won the very first survivor, he was hands down the best in all aspects, but the snake one instead.. Reality tv is just that.. it is a game show, lasting weeks to get to the end. It is a game of psychological warfare, and in this case, cooking as well. I am sorry to see the pair.. i really do not thinkn either is quite ready for the top chef position, but it is what it is and i still love the show, despite it being a little painful at times. Anyone that has never spent weeks on in couped up wtih someone needs to get a grip. This reminds me of basic training in some ways
    You are stuck with the same 60 girls for 8 weeks or so.. and you make some of the best friends you will have for life and the little things that other people do, make you want to kill them. I have seen girls do some crazy things when stuck together with someone that constantly grates on their nerves, much like what took place in the previous episode.

    I will watch season 3 and see where it goes. Can not wait to meet the new people..
  • Not the outcome I expected

    I'm so happy Bravo repeats the shows. I finally watched it Thursday evening, and when I saw who the final two were I was shocked!! I really, really thought Sam was going to be in the final two. I figured Elina would not make it. So that was not a huge surprise to me when she was sent packing. But Sam? I did not expect that. I thought the episode was very good, but the way they tried to go after Marcellus was pretty lame. I don't like the guy either, in the end Elina was doing all the talking, and the others stayed quiet. I think Marcellus found the whole thing amusing.

    Well it will be interesting to see who ends up winning. Very Interesting.
  • This show expanded the biographies of the final four by showing them prepping for the finale. They all showed they were working on winning, some more than others.

    I liked the way they went into the prep the chefs were doing in preparation for the final four. Throughout the show I saw all of the members of the final four make mistakes and have bad days in the kitchen, but they all seemed to come back stronger. It seemed as if Padhma and Tom kept Marcel in the show when he should have been gone, and winning a quickfire with a chunk of watermelon and calling it a steak, was total baloney. I thought that Marcel was pegged correctly by Betty early on and he was not someone who deserves the right to be in the final two, especially when this is a cooking show and not someone who can use quick fixes on lame ideas. The chefs all made interesting dishes, by taking the safe route Sam was gone, Ilan's dishes were good, but not deserving of final two, Elia took chances and should have gotten the chance and Marcel with his wonder pastes, and antics of turning off stoves and moving pots were not just in this elimination, but in many, he was trying to screw up the other competitors to win, yes, winning is good, but to win or gain an advantage through those methods is not good and he deserves to not win. I will not be watching the final part of the finale as I will vomit if Marcel wins and could care less if Ilan does. There was a poll and over 70% of the people wanted Marcel to go home, maybe that same percentage will not watch next week, I know I will be one of them.
    The producers had some say in who stayed, and I hope no one watches so that their ploy for good tv, the good versus the bad, goes up in smoke like a bad dish.
  • Just what I needed to see.

    Let me start off by saying that I did not start off being a Marcel fan. I didn't dislike him; I just wasn't sure about him. That being said, I can understand him. I'm similar in my inability to really connect with other people. I think that in trying to joke around with them, he just sets himself further apart. Anyway, my two favorites starting this competition were Sam and Michael. One because I thought he was a good cook, and the other because he added entertainment. Later, I began to like Elia. I liked that she out of everyone else was nice to Marcel, whom I thought everyone was ganging up on. Marcel's food didn't always look appealing to me, but neither did anyone else's. And no, he did not do foam every time. Though, if they're going to rag on him for using foams and gelees, then something has to be said for Ilan's use of saffron in a lot of his dishes. A lot of the other contestants played it safe by also using what they knew best, over taking a chance with new elements. Okay, that being said, after last week, I was ready for Elia and Ilan to go. Sam too, but I knew one of them had to stay. In tonight’s dishes, I thought Marcel's looked the most appetizing. I give points to Sam for going to a pastry chef in order to improve his baking. His dessert tonight looked good, but I have to wonder if he was kidding by saying it was fat free. He didn't sound like it, but come on; it has mascarpone cheese and coconut. There's no way that's fat free. I didn't think that Elia could fall any further in my estimation, but she found a way. I don't recall one instance of Marcel cheating. With the pot thing, I don't think he would have moved it if he thought it was being used. If she and Ilan were going to accuse him of cheating, they should have had specific instances to point out. She may say she wasn't trying to save herself, but I don't see what else she thought she would accomplish. I thought that Sam should have won against Ilan, but since he didn't, I hope Marcel kicks his butt.