Top Chef

Season 2 Episode 12

Finale (1)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 24, 2007 on Bravo

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  • Suprise, suprise not what i expected

    Well, I am truely surprised. I was not surprised to see Elia go, as much as I would have liked a woman to be in the finals. Elia stayed to true to her nature and did not incorporate the Hawaian food into the mix. I was truely suprised and sorry to see Sam go. I really think that overall, he is the strongest chef, but by the same token, he did not cook any of the dishes. It is obvious that his work during the hiatus paid off. He said it over and over again during the show that he was not strong in the pastry/sweet areas, so what did he do. He went to a top pastry chef and learned. I really like his attitude in the kitchen and in the show. I really think that he is probably the most level headed and strongest of the chefs. It is unfortunate that he did not make it to the final. Remember this is reality TV, just like Rudy should have won the very first survivor, he was hands down the best in all aspects, but the snake one instead.. Reality tv is just that.. it is a game show, lasting weeks to get to the end. It is a game of psychological warfare, and in this case, cooking as well. I am sorry to see the pair.. i really do not thinkn either is quite ready for the top chef position, but it is what it is and i still love the show, despite it being a little painful at times. Anyone that has never spent weeks on in couped up wtih someone needs to get a grip. This reminds me of basic training in some ways
    You are stuck with the same 60 girls for 8 weeks or so.. and you make some of the best friends you will have for life and the little things that other people do, make you want to kill them. I have seen girls do some crazy things when stuck together with someone that constantly grates on their nerves, much like what took place in the previous episode.

    I will watch season 3 and see where it goes. Can not wait to meet the new people..
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