Top Chef

Season 3 Episode 14

Finale (2)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 2007 on Bravo

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  • Hung wins and a better final than last year...

    I love that Hung won, he was my pick even when he was being as jerk. Hung was Harold (winner from season1) pick to win the show and that is cool that he won. It was cool that Marcel as a friend was there to cheer for him and I bet it was a little pay back for Marcel since he took second place last year. I would have been really upset if Dale won. I wish Casey would have showed better but it just prove the point that while she had some good days she was not the chef that people thought.
    Myfavorite part of the whole show was the guest chefs to help on day one, that was so sweet and unexpected! Loved that! And I thought it was cool that they had Brain at the table to be served with the judges as a guest, that was nice.
    I do wish they would have had more with the audience though!!!!!!!
  • They changed the whole finale concept around from the previous years and it seemed to be more interesting. I especially liked the named chefs helping them in the prep.

    I think that having the finale at 12,000 feet was a huge disadvantage to all chefs. If you want someone to cook them the best meal of your life putting them at a cooking disadvantage is not the way to do it.
    I was surprised how poorly Casey did, Dale blew it on one dish and Hung made good dishes. Overall Hung did the best in the finale, Dale was close. Casey will continue to learn, Dale will only get better and hopefully Hung will put some soul into his food. He has the best skills, Casey has the most heart and Dale found himself.
  • Another season of Top Chef comes to an end and another man is the winner.

    This season's two part finale took place in Aspen, Colorado. In the first part of the finale Brian Malarkey was sent home after the chef's had to cook elk for a group a cowboys. It was sad to see Brain go I was hoping to see him make it to the finale, but he was out cooked by his fellow chef's and sent packing. In the second part of the finale the remaining chef's Casey Thompson, Dale Levitski, and Hung Hyunh had to create a three course meal and had help prepping by three celebrity chefs. The remaining challengers were thrown a curve ball when with one hour before service they were told they had to create a fourth course, but were each given a hand by one of their previous competitor. In the end the judges made it clear that it was up between Dale and Hung with Hung winning the title of "Top Chef."
  • Congratulations to Hung - it is a well deserved win

    much as I would have liked Casey to win this competition, I am happy with the decision of the judges. They made it quite clear that they were all very impressed with her ability as a chef, and the nod to her skill spoke volumes. Hung, technically a superior chef, really only had to work on his people skills, and hopefully, he has learned something from this competition. I do feel for Dale, but he really was not in the same league as Casey and Hung. Maybe a little more time, and experience, as well as a few tips on how to dress, and we will see him again on this show.

    Congratulations, Hung, and if I ever get over Casey's way, maybe I will join Chef Tom Colichio for that really great meal -
  • The Finale (spoilers)

    All I have to say is, finally! It has been clear that some chefs have been sliding by, and tonight the judges seperated the pretenders from the real Top Chef. The chefs serve 4 dishes, with 1 last minute suprise dish with help from past cast members, and the prep work was done with the help of 3 celebrity chefs. At the final judges table it was clear there were two choices, Hung and Dale, both having won 2 of the 4 dishes at presentation. What amazed me was how combative Casey was with the judges, very defiant and perturbed when explaining what happened during the cooking. She does not deal well with adversity and was obviously very upset that they had to cook a surpise fourth dish. It ultimately came down to Dale going over the top and Hung not quite going for it but not making any mistakes. Hung is Top Chef. In your face people. Yes.
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