Top Chef

Season 3 Episode 14

Finale (2)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 2007 on Bravo

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  • The Finale (spoilers)

    All I have to say is, finally! It has been clear that some chefs have been sliding by, and tonight the judges seperated the pretenders from the real Top Chef. The chefs serve 4 dishes, with 1 last minute suprise dish with help from past cast members, and the prep work was done with the help of 3 celebrity chefs. At the final judges table it was clear there were two choices, Hung and Dale, both having won 2 of the 4 dishes at presentation. What amazed me was how combative Casey was with the judges, very defiant and perturbed when explaining what happened during the cooking. She does not deal well with adversity and was obviously very upset that they had to cook a surpise fourth dish. It ultimately came down to Dale going over the top and Hung not quite going for it but not making any mistakes. Hung is Top Chef. In your face people. Yes.