Top Chef

Season 5 Episode 13

Finale Part 2

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 25, 2009 on Bravo

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  • Somewhat bland finale...

    As much as I loved this whole season of Top Chef, I have to say this Finale fell a bit short. We had far greater contenders in Season 5 than last year with great imagination, skills and lots of soul. I felt the show came pretty close to my favorite season - the one that Hung won. Ironically, Casey, one of Season 3 best contenders was involved in the finale demise.

    First of all, it was good to see they brought back some skilled chefs, not the filler contestants, they normally use. The regular finale task to cook whatever the chefs fancied had a nice little twist with the local ingredients. But that was just about all that was good about the finale.

    Although I agree these were probably the top 3 chefs in this season I totally hate the way judges rated them. Carla has been going from strength to strength while Stefan has been consistent if not even dominating. Hosea however has been up there and about, regularly off the mark, naturally uninspired and to sum that all up - bland. Sure he has great skills, he's determined and has a lot to prove, but he lacks character, there's nothing special about him. As much as I hate Stefan's cockiness, he was right that he "just doesn't have it in him to be a great chef". And it has been like that the whole season. It took me 5 episodes to remember Hosea's name and if it hadn't been for his little story with Leah, I probably wouldn't know it by now. Furthermore, foodwise, Hosea was boring, throughout the season and in the finale. He never risked the slightest bit to go outside his comfort zone - damn that seafood. And while Stefan's displays all seemed to be somewhat copycats, Carla really left great impressions on me. She struggled constantly to produce inspired food. Should she have won Top Chef if she didn't trip in the finale? I'm not sure. But be it Carla or Stefan - anyone would have deserved it for they really stood up there with great dishes. When I look back to the finale, Stefan did little wrong in the Finale. Dismissing his desert because it didn't seem like a composed dish? Did Tom expect to get mash and gravy with that? The whole decision seemed harsh, although I understand that picking either Carla or Stefan as the winner based on their overall performance would have seemed unjust. However I still cannot believe that the next Top Chef is... What was his name again...
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