Top Chef

Season 3 Episode 1

First Impressions

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 13, 2007 on Bravo

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  • quickfire: amusche bouche and elimination challenge is surf and turf

    this was a really good way to start the season b/c it was a good way to get to know the new contestants as well as their culinary skills right off the bat..unlike the other two seasons the personalities came out very quickly in the first ep of the third season so i had already decided who i wanted to win and who i wanted to go dad had decided what order they would go home in lol..but the cooking looked delicious and i think the right person won the challenge and immunity and the right person went home this time
  • Top Chef returns and does not disappoint!

    Top Chef is back and it does not disappoint! I thought with the rise of "Hell's Kitchen" that this show was going to take that turn. Good thing it didn't! This show features great talent and it didn't change one bit since last season. Amazing! Shows what a true well thought out reality T.V. show should be like. I was very happy with this opening episode. I liked all the characters except for that annoying Asian guy that is really mean and takes everything way to seriously. Yeah, so check this show out if you ever have time.
  • The show is back with the same quality as before. Unfortunately, my Mississippi boy went home first though.

    Well, I didn't know if I was going to be able to catch the season premiere because Reunited: The Real World was coming on @ the same time but thankfully Bravo, I think the king of reality TV, repeats certain shows back to back. At first glance, during the quickfire, my favorite personality is Tre. The winner of the quickfire didn't really stand out during the preparation and I didn't really know she was there, but her dish were one of the most appealing visually. When the group gets to the house, I learn that Clay is from MS and thats my home time and anxious to see what he's going to cook up despite the disastrous attempts during the quickfire. I was especially hoping him to do good after hearing the story of his father. During the main challenge, its something about the confidence of Hung, and the way he handles the food which makes him a favorite of mine also, but I'm still rooting for my MS boy. Unfortunately, my MS boy is the first to go home. I think some of the others might specialize in sauteed lamb while he would specialize in sauteed chiterlings. Someone who tries to turn deep southern cooking into gourmet food. Just didn't cut it on Top Chef and I completely understand as compared to the others, he wasn't really cutting it. My favs @ this point is Tre & Hung. Not really aquainted with any of women yet, but I'm hoping to see more as the season progresses. Great season opener.
  • This is going to be an interesting season, but the one character that would have made it better is gone, Clay.

    I watch each episode twice, and it seems that I pick up more little things in the second go round. I really liked Clay, but I have a feeling he was really in way over his head, but was fun to watch. The surprise quick fire was interesting, at least they show producers are trying to keep the chefs guessing and the audience entertained. Now let's not go off on a tangent here, and have them cook a gourmet meal for 200 using a flamethrower, or something equally stupid as they did in Top Cuts, cutting hair with a hedge clipper, the epitome of TV stupidity.
    This season seems to have some interesting characters and they will grow throughout the season. It also appears that there are a few chefs in that kitchen that can really cook and will leave a lot of them in the dust. But just when you think that they are shoe in for the finale, take a look at the Season one versus season two, the weakest dishes were by the winners, and the strongest dish was by the wine steward who did not wow me with his cooking in season one. He must have learned how to cook in the mean time.
    I am sure some of the people there are there for wow factor, a guy and gal with spiked hair, what's with that. Where is the guy that will wow us with flavors like Dave, and I hope they don't have a foam specialist. I still dislike Marcel because of his being a poor loser, not only in the finale but in the cook off where he says use plenty of saffron. Marcel you lost because your dishes were not the best and in my opinion you never deserved to be in the finale but the producers thought it would be a good TV move to have a good guy versus bad guy finale.
    Back to this season, I saw some glimmers or talent in most of them, now let's see if they can show it on a regular basis. Now that we had exotic meats and fish, let's cook with something us mere mortals eat and can relate to.
    Hung not winning because he did not have color on his plate is lame, take off for plating, but do not give extra for great taste, give me a break. He is talented, but so was the winner.
  • Party in the city where the heat is on/Every night on the beach/’Til the break of dawn (Those are the lyrics, right? I haven’t heard that song in a long time…)

    I’m filled with anticipation for this third season of Top Chef. It seems that the chefs are all of a superb quality, and I look forward to seeing them go through the various challenges!

    I’m not going to lie, I was quite surprised to see Hung receiving accolades in both challenges, primarily because of the way his character was portrayed in the 4 Star All-Star Challenge; the producers seemed to want to make it appear that he was clearly pro-Marcel, which was not entirely a good thing in the eyes of the judges. I’m pleased to have been so surprised, though.

    I agree with stillplaygpc, who wrote that last season had a very Spanish flair to it and that this season does not, although I think there will be quite a bit of influence from deep Southern cooking, Cajun, and Caribbean flavors in addition to the more ‘classical’ European styles. Speaking of Spanish, though – every time a sea urchin popped onto the screen all I could think of was Salvador Dali, who considered sea urchins a delicious delicacy and at one point shaved his head and posed with a sea urchin on top of his skull in reference to the William Tell legend.

    I look forward to learning more about the personalities of Season 3’s contestants!
  • Top Chef is Back and better than ever!

    This episode was a great way to start off the 3rd season. It had twists and turns that were unexpected, I had no idea what half the stuff was for the elimination challenge. What was up with the black chicken? It seems this season they picked a rougher crowd than the last one, but it seems like more image than anything, the girl with the mohawk looked intimidating, but seemed overall nice. It was pretty obvious who would be eliminated, I mean c'mon, Clay had an attitude making fun of that guy, and that food looked gross. Last season it seemed Spanish food dominated, this season it looks like Italian from the quick fire challenge and other european cusines will dominate. A rough crowd and refined food, its going to be one heck of a season.