Top Chef

Season 9 Episode 11

Fit for an Evil Queen

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 18, 2012 on Bravo

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  • Insane episode...Beverly is incredible...

    By far the best episode of the 9th season...I ain't much of a food critique so I will comment simply on the impressions that the dishes presented made...In the immunity challenge man I was so pissed that Beverly failed to place on the dish the final ingredient...Worst that her dish was praised as the best one...I like Beverly I think mostly because she shows her good side so often and because most cooks envy her...I'm saying cooks not chefs because some don't deserve that title based on their HR attitude...Speaking about Lindsay and Sarah...Lindsay had a bossy attitude in the last episode and she should have been attacked on that by Beverly who is a too nice a person though...She not only messed up the front service but also didn't do much...In this episode she might have won Immunity but only because of luck not skill...In connection with the elimination challenge I thought Sarah should have gone home...About the *Last change Kitchen* I was so impressed with Beverly she'd done an incredible job and this with being alone against everyone...

    Last but not least I was really disappointed by the judges in the Elimination Challenge...I was expecting for them to say *no elimination* seeing that everyone cooked admirably but boy was I wrong...Also I don't understand how Beverly can be eliminated when she had the best dish in the Immunity challenge and a really really impressive dish in Elimination Challenge...They should really see the big picture here...You don't kick the best because of an impression you give her another shot....Moreover she performed really well...Just cuz the sauce was sticky...Even Judge Emeril Lagasse who is really agressive in his criticism had little to say about Beverly's dish...Enfin, all is well that ends well...I'm really hoping Beverly will win this, she seems such a solid chef and the main opponent skill wise seems Paul.