Top Chef

Season 5 Episode 3

Foo Fighters Thanksgiving

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 26, 2008 on Bravo

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  • Thanksgiving filled episode!

    This is a Thanksgiving filled episode. That comes complete with an appearance by the Foo Fighters, a rock band. They had been on the road for the past year nearly. And was about to end the tour, and wanted to sit down. To some home cooking. So they had to feed them, the judges, as well as a lot of their entourage. The winners of the elimination, would see the Foo Fighters in concert. While the losing team, had to clean up. In the end, it was Richard that went on home. Really had it with his comments about Tom. And sure, as Tom is watching this. He might had been glad, Richard was gone too. Grant Achatz was the guest judge. What I really liked about Grant, was that he fought and overcame cancer. Good for him!