Top Chef

Season 2 Episode 3

Food for the People

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 01, 2006 on Bravo

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  • Though not my type of ice cream!

    Episodes just only get better and better as the show goes on from here. As Padma knows more about food than Katie did in the first season. Though you may love ice cream, this would not be the type of ice cream that you would have expected at all. As that kind of ice cream sounded really gross IMHO. The others had to make also in the elimination challenge a dish from childhood. Don't know why Betty would have won. As she said that children aren't her target at all. Chef Tom C says it doesn't matter who your customers are, just take care of them. And he is right!
  • We all love ice cream

    Even though everyone looks at Michael as the slacker, I kinda like him. He is real down to earth. I thought the quick fire challange was fun Who doesnt think ice cream is fun. However, I think some people took the fun out it and make it way more complex than it should have been. Take Marcel for example, Bacon and avacado??? Gross. Who in the hell would ever eat that. Cliff won the challange which was shocking because he never made ice cream before. I thought Michael's privious experience with Friday's would benifit him but I didn't. Marcel was being overly annoying but I thought Betty's comment was a little over the top. Congrats to her for winning the final challange.
  • Although they may not be used to making food for the masses, this challenge takes their talent to the limits!

    Althought they may have complained that there is no reason for them to be doing this challenge because it deals with food for the common man, only 38% of people eat at fine dining restaruants. They may not have to cook food like this everyday, but that is exactly why this is a challenge. It is put into action to test their skills and their limits. This shows their versatility, and it was a good move on the producers part to put this challenge in. The ice cream part was interesting because most of them have never made ice cream before. The ones that I thought were the most innovative were the breakfast ice cream and the avacado, vanilla, and marshmellow ice cream. The Waffles and and bacon ice creams gives new meaning to Ice Cream for breakfast, and the Avacado, Vanilla, and marshmellow ice cream gives a new take on classicc flavors. I think they would be great to mass prodeuce.

    As for the elimination challnege, this was my favorite part of the episode. It is great incentive to have the winner get their item on the menu of the restaurant. And the insperation of the dish being an adult take on a childhood favrotie was a great idea. Most of the dishes that were in the top three were dishes I had had as a child myself so I totally related with their choices. My two faortites were Cliff\\\'s Grown-Up Mac & Cheese and Fish Sticks, and Betty\\\'s Grilled Chesse w/ Portabello Mushrooms and Roasted Red Pepper Soup. Both of them, I had variations of as a child, and they seemed both very well prepared. Cliff\\\'s dish actually reminded me of Dave\\\'s Mac and Cheese in last seasons episode \\\"Nappa Valley\\\" I am sure the judges weren\\\'t expecting a Mac and Cheese which is why they were impressed becuase he really did something no one expected, and did it well.

    Over all, this episode was awesome. I watched it a few times after I delted the episode off my Tivo. My favorite episode so far in season 2 and one of my favorite episodes out of the entire series.
  • Lessons not learned!

    I am not sure that Harold winning last season was such a good thing! It seems to me, that the "fine dining" chefs may have heard his statements over and over about this or that not being who he cooked for. They might have heard Tiffany say kids were not her audiance during the season 1 monk fish challange. However, most of these snobs, did not appear to pay attention to Chef Tom's response, "it doesn't matter who your customer is, it is your job to make them happy!". Marcel and Emily obviously didn't get that memo. Emily is out because she had no taste buds, and hopefully marcel will be out soon because I think another Steven just takes away from the Show. Betty should have gone up side his head with a frying pan!
  • Bacon and Avocado Ice Cream- what?????

    I thought the ice cream quick fire was interesting, but uninspired. So far, this season doesn't seem as great as the first. However, I must say that what idiot would think that Bacon and Avocado Ice Cream would appeal to the "man on the street"? Who did they think would be there? Chefs? To me, the guys who think the are "above" the rest of us don't deserve to win.