Top Chef

Season 2 Episode 3

Food for the People

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 01, 2006 on Bravo

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  • We all love ice cream

    Even though everyone looks at Michael as the slacker, I kinda like him. He is real down to earth. I thought the quick fire challange was fun Who doesnt think ice cream is fun. However, I think some people took the fun out it and make it way more complex than it should have been. Take Marcel for example, Bacon and avacado??? Gross. Who in the hell would ever eat that. Cliff won the challange which was shocking because he never made ice cream before. I thought Michael's privious experience with Friday's would benifit him but I didn't. Marcel was being overly annoying but I thought Betty's comment was a little over the top. Congrats to her for winning the final challange.