Top Chef

Season 1 Episode 4

Food on the Fly

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 29, 2006 on Bravo

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  • Candice booted off?!

    How could they do this! Candice was the hot one of the show. XD She was the sex appeal that the show needs to keep from getting canceled. Although she really did bomb I am still kinda mad.

    Going on to the episode, I think that it was a really good idea to make the contestants to make things from only a convenience store and then to make food to reheat form the microwave. I have seen a lot of the cooking shows on television and I think that Top Chef has done the best job of challenging the contestants to their highest capabilites to truly show if they are "Top Chefs".
  • Chefs personalities come through.

    In these challenges we really got a good look at the personality of several ot the chefs. We found out that not only is Stephen a \"wine snob\", but we also find out he is a liar and a cheat! I was amazed at the Quick fire challange when he said he was not aware of the restriction on fresh herbs!

    Harold stepped up. Even though he admits he is not a microwave fan he was able to use his skills, food knowledge, and commmon sense to come out in the top three. Tiffany also showed her knowledge of food and her skill level with her choice of fish and her plating. A great suprise was Andrea, she got to capitalize on her skills and knowledge, please the crowd and come out top three!.

    Stephen must go, and frankly he should keep his \"day job\", because if I was a resturant owner and he applied at my shop, and I saw his performaces on this show, I would never hire him.