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"Film Food" Official Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

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    You must not have had very many bad fine dining experiences. I've gone to a number of those, and they don't necessarily end up being silly, it just ends up being, well, the best word I can think of is pointless. It's significantly expensive, and I'm still hungry at the end. I can eat out at a causal restaurant with cocktails for $20. That won't get me very far in fine dining. And, when it comes down to it, the taste isn't "better" enough to warrant it.

    As for texture vs. flavor, improper texture and technique will damage the flavor. Think the scales on the fish. Baby food does not taste the same as normal food. Ultimately, it does come down to flavor. Technique helps and hurts, but people will not eat something with good technique but bad taste (food that has gone bad, for example)

    Testing Hung's taste buds would not require replicating a dish. And a challenge to showcase beginner technique is practically useless so late into the show. They've already demonstrated they can do knife skill X, they've been tested how many times? That challenge was little more then showing off what that place could do. BFD. Show us something we can use.

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    I think testing basic skills towards the end is still fine with me. Look at Marcel, or Richard. These chefs tend to over think dishes or make it too complicated. It does them good to go back to basics and do it well. Also this is not an instructional show, it's a reality competition show. They just need to talk about the technique, actually teaching us how to do it is another story. Food Network's supposed to do that, but apparently they didn't get the message and is doing bacon on burgers everyday of the week.

    Actually, I like some food that's gone bad. It adds a funkiness that's just so good. Funky cheese, stinky tofu, duran, kim-chi, etc. I know they're supposed to go bad. Yes, it ultimately comes down to flavor, but texture is also an important component. I think we've agreed on that relationship.

    Yeah, I haven't had a lot of fine dining experience. It's too pricey, but I will always go to one if I intend to impress or have their signature dish. Lunch is usually cheaper and portions ironically are larger since multiple courses aren't done. Very good for meetings. Plus I tend to order things that they can't really mess up. I'm still quite young, so anywhere I go, other than franchised places, service is still horrible because they know we don't have enough money to tip well.
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    Finnegan77 wrote:
    The QuickFire didn't bother me because of the technical skills it showcased, after all, Nikki was reprimanded for not seasoning her zucchini properly, so it was about cooking as well. I suppose I just found it uninspiring. I totally disagreed with Chef Boulud's choice of Richard as one of the top dishes - right after he complimented Zoi because she actually presented a complete dish that could be served. Richard's offering was a number of lines of prepared vegetables which looked very similar to what many of the other chefs served. I'm sure his preparation was terrific, but how was it especially, well, special? Granted, I'm not the expert he is, but maybe we could have had a bit more explanation about its superiority? Great mushrooms? Dale's win was nice to see - I have high hopes for him. I found it hilarious that just as Zoi and Spike were denigrating the Willy Wonka team's choice of flavors in walks Richard as the winner. Funny! Again, just as in the QuickFire challenge, I would have liked to have heard more of the judges' reasons for choosing Manuel to go home. Spike was the one in charge, and Vietnamese food was his decision - Manuel wanted to cook Mexican originally. Did they really send Manuel home because he was boring? If so, I'm disappointed.

    I think they sent Manuel home because he went along with doing vietiamnese food when he didn't really know much about it.

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    I think there are (at least) two separate issues there - whether the show should explain things more and/or do things more people will be able to identify with (maybe those are two separate issues themselves) and whether the show is so elitist and picky sometimes as to become boring. I would like to see them have more tasks that more people could identify with without going really commercial, and I think there are risks in going commercial too - we may all know what TGIF is, but that doesn't mean we know what it takes for something to succeed on their menu, or what it takes to produce dozens or hundreds of one dish in a night for them or balance some kind of quality with cost. We already get those kinds of challenges; it's not the kind of food they're making that's the problem with them.

    I liked the knife work quickfire because I got to learn a LITTLE more about the importance of knife skills; I would have liked it more if they had shown what is considered to be good knife skills, talked about different ways of chopping/slicing/mincing/carving food, and shown how the chefs were doing as they prepared their quickfire dishes. The way they did it, we sort of just had to take the judges' word for it that something was or wasn't done well, which makes things much less interesting because it cuts out the audience entirely. What this show REALLY needs is someone doing commentary, like on Iron Chef. Or even like Tim Gunn on Project Runway. I know nothing about fashion/design/sewing at all, and I learn things from watching that, and it seems like Tim is there to keep me in the loop.

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