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Set or Clear Your Timers Accordingly, and Reruns

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    Wednesday night's season four premiere continues Bravo's tradition of "super-sizing" select episodes. This one, according to listings, will run 15 minutes over, either cutting into your 11 o'clock news/sleep time or primetime programming if you have a satellite feed. Right now, only the first two airings include the extra footage – the initial broadcast, and the encore directly after.

    Here are the rerun schedules as of this posting, which pretty much guarantees Bravo will change it, so check your listings if you really want to see any of these or live in the central or mountain region or have satellite service:

    • Saturday 3/8 – Last five episodes of season three, beginning with "Snacks on a Plane." Begins 6 pm E/P.

    • Monday 3/10 – Last eight episodes of season two, beginning with "Thanksgiving." Begins 7 am E/P.

    • Wednesday 3/12 – Last 10 episodes of season three, beginning with "Latin Lunch." Begins 7 am E/P.

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