Top Chef

Season 3 Episode 6

Freezer Burn

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 01, 2007 on Bravo

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  • What a win for Tre and CJ, look out Italy here they come!!!

    I guess overall I was disappointed with this episode, heck I tried watching the episode twice at differenet times and fell asleep both times. After watching it three times total I have not seen it all in a whole. And since I love the show that is bad :(

    That aside, I am impressed and glad that CJ and Tre won! first they had the idea of keeping it seperate which was great and worked! I think over all they had the best, they turned a frozen dinner into something close a beautiful dinner you could get made fresh and for more money. I love the mushroom idea, they deserved the win. And what a win, you get ticket to a heck of a vacation. You know I am not suprised that the fact of the vacation did not turn this challenge into more cut throat.

    I think the quick fire was lame, I am sorry! very boring and lame. Pam and that bell, ahhh and she didn't use it consistant. I am not a Casey fan, she bugs me and reminds me of Betty from alst season. Acts nice at first on the outside but us a sneaky b**** and I just don't like her. While her and Dale may have done an ok job I don't think they come close to deserving to win. Just a fancy smile to sell is not winner.
  • Quickfire: The chefs have a taste/site test on some rather rare items Challenge: The chefs team up in pairs to create a frozen mediterranean meal

    I was pretty disappointed with all the food that the contestants made this episode. I am italian and an amateur chef myself so the food that was cooked I felt was very elementary and could have been a lot better. The problem is that so many chefs view italian food as not be high class enough so they don't bother to learn how to do it right! That being said...
    As much as I hate to admit it, I don't think that it should have been Hung to go home over Joey. Hung did know the correct way to freeze the food and Joey did totally get in his way of doing that. I love Joey and I hope we see him again but the decision was right. Although, I think that it should have been Sara to go instead of anyone else. She did not contribute to the meal and was passive aggressive which is a silly quality for a chef to have considering that as a top chef you have to be able to have your voice heard because otherwise it won't be your food getting cooked it will be someone else's. I think the toss up should have been Sara and Joey and I think I would have picked Sara to go. She has yet to win a challenge and hasn't shown anything of interest in the show thus far while Joey has! Oh well. Can't wait for next week.
  • Not my favorite selection of the judges to go home!!

    In the beginning, I was really rooting for Hung, but not necessarily Joey and after so long those things switch, so I really hate what happen tonight. The chefs had to join together in order to win a frozen food challenge. The two top teams were Tre & CJ and Casey & Dale. Casey and Dale sold the most but Tre & CJ is the judges pick and get a trip to Italy for two. Howie & Sara M and Hung & Joey are the bottom picks. Both teams have problems with storing their foods for consumption later and have a hard time communicating. I was hoping that either Hung or Sara M was going to go home, because like Hung was trying to push all the responsibility to Joey's side before the challenge was even finish while Sara M. simply didn't take a large part due to Howie's bulldog-ish ways. I was really pushing for Joey & Howie to be there in the end because I think they're all-around good picks but they decided that Joey should go home in this challenge. The episode was okay and also has guest chef Rocco DiSpirito. Casey won the quickfire which required the chefs to correctly identify whatever food what was in front of them. A pretty decent episode.
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