Top Chef

Season 3 Episode 7

Guilty Pleasures

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 08, 2007 on Bravo

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  • The producers finally figured out that you have to shake up the contestants and fool the audience every once in a while to keep them interested.

    The ice cream quick fire challenge was great, I wanted to try almost all of them, except Hungs and the one with the hot sauce. Then the twist when they thought they were going out to party on the town, they found out they were throwing the party. Now, that was a curve ball if ever the show threw one. While Howie and his team did not do as well, he had the right ideas but no one executed the turn and burn concept, and Howie missed the mark on his Cuban.
    The other team had good food and a front man that kept the party going. I wanted to try Trey's dish it sounded out of sight, the rest of the dishes from both teams could have been better.
    Yes Howie is abrasive. But in the kitchen he is used to being the boss and not having to work as a team, he is the team leader and delegates. We have too many chiefs and not enough Indians so to speak.
    I think this show just got better, who will win, my money is on Trey.
  • An episode with a twist that the audience, along with the contestants, should have seen coming, but some (like me) simply did not.

    Interesting episode. First, yeah for Dale for winning the ice cream challenge. His peach cobbler-esqe product really looked and sounded good, and I just really enjoy folks to win who've not won before. Next the contestants were led to believe they'd have the night off to enjoy Miami's nightlife only to be brought into a challenge where they'd have to serve patrons who were really out that night. I know with these shows one should expect the unexpected and never assume, but to do what they did, especially how most contestants were all dressed up, was a little on the not-so-nice side.

    With the elimination challenge itself, some of the food they produced from the trucks looked really good. Namely Tre's and Casey's. Then there was the dust-up between Sara N. and Howie. Howie should have reined in a lot of what he said to Sara N., and he can be somewhat obnoxious and stubborn, but one thing I don't care for is two or more people ganging up on one person. That gave me uneasy flashbacks of last season's Betty-led nastiness towards Marcel. Though when it's all said and done, I breath a lot easier as both Tre and CJ make it through another episode, hopefully on their way to the final two.
  • Quickfire: Chefs have to come up with a new Cold Stone ice cream mix Elimination: Chefs have to man a food van to feed late night snacks to party-goers

    I totally sympathize with having to wear heels while cooking. Its no joke and really incredibly difficult. Other than that, the women complaining about being too dressed up to cook is one of the more absurd things I have ever heard. It was a poor excuse for not being able to deliver. More importantly... did no one figure that the "night off" was nothing but a ruse? Does no one watch reality TV and know that its always a trick!! Terrible.
    Sarah getting kicked off was clearly the right choice. I dont think there was even the slightest bit of doubt when they announced her name, at least for me. She felt demoralized because she was wearing a low cut shirt? Don't wear a low cut shirt then. It's ok for people to see you in a low cut shirt in a club but not in the grocery store? That's hypocracy at its finest. Sarah just could not perform. She seemed as though she was moving in slow motion the whole challenge and then she wants Howie to go because he was mean to her? I felt like screaming at the TV "Theres no crying in baseball!" (well in the kitchen in this case but you get the idea). Howie said the truth. She was slow and her food was bad. Howie is getting a bad rap I feel. I think he tried this challenge to get along with everyone which is why he wound up not vocalizing his problems with Sarah and he was penalized for it. He was better off just moving her out of the way and doing it himself. Good choice for the judges not to send him home. Sarah was called a baby and so then she acted like one. It really made me nuts to watch her this episode and then take out the fact that she screwed up on Howie being an a**hole. Be a grown up.
  • Great Ending. Close call. Great Show.

    Compared to the last few episodes this was very refreshing as far as the competition and the challenges especially. During quickfire, the team had to make the best ice cream mixture. It seems like some of them were a little bit more relaxed with this quickfire and just had fun with it. Hung overdone it and it was nice to see him admit it, but Dale won the quickfire. He basically gets to eat during the challenge while the others have to cook for party goers. We have the Black Team (Hung, Tre, Brian, and Sara) and the Orange Team (Sara, Howie, Casey, and C.J.). Before the team started cooking, you could kinda see who would win. The Orange Team had the bulldog-ish Howie and the underwhelming Sara but you hoped C.J. would pull everything together. It seems that C.J. kinda got tired of them, especially Howie, from the beginning and in the end nobody is talking to one another. I don't know why Sara moves like she's cooking for a family instead of crowd of people but that and other things causes things to lagged. I was really scared that Howie would go b/t it came down to him and Sara. Like Collichio said, she seems to be a little out of it and therefore she was sent home. Tre's dish is the best of the challenge. Right now my top picks to stay till the end are Tre, Howie, Dale, Brian, and C.J. Great Show!!
  • Makin' ice cream quickfire, and food for drunk people in the elimination challenge.

    (This review is full of spoilers.) This season is entertaining only in the way you can poke fun at the people in the show. Okay let me say this, Howie is not a (put expletive here.) He is merely stating the truth, and everybody hates him, why? Because he tells the truth? They did the right thing sending Sarah home. Quote from Brian from the last episode on Sarah "she's so slow I felt like it would be faster for me to do it all myself." So Howie's the bad guy? I don't think so. She was weak and needed to be sent home 3 episodes ago. Tiffany from season 1 would have had her for breakfast. Now that would be entertainment, put Tiffany and Howie togother! What exactly did Sara N. do? I don't think anything, just like every other episode, if she's not sent home next I'll be real surprised. Hung also continues to perform poorly, he also needs to step up or go home. Brian is good but does he do anything besides seafood? haven't seen it yet. There's no clear cut winner in this group of under achieving chefs.
  • Very entertaining...

    I really really enjoyed this episode. It held my attention more than any other episode this season so far. It is probably becuase of all the heat between the people, but hey, that makes me entertained. It's becoming less predictable and I think this is one of the best episodes this season. (Spoiler) I am very sad to see Sarah go. She was one of the nicest characters on the show even though she was very slow. I think Howie needs to go home. He is a very mean and obnoxious character. I really don't know what else to say about a reality show becuase this review needs to be 100 words lol. Okay, now it is bye.