Top Chef

Season 8 Episode 1

History Never Repeats

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 01, 2010 on Bravo



  • Trivia

    • Nitpick: While it's true that none of the chefs competing in season 8 won their season of Top Chef, Tiffani Faison did earn the title of Top Chef for winning the "Top Chef Holiday Special" from season 3. In its single episode, four round elimination challenge, she defeated fellow season 8 competitors Tre Wilcox, Marcel Vigneron, and Stephen Asprinio.

  • Quotes

    • Anthony Bourdain: (realizing Spike's scallops had been frozen) Correct me if I'm wrong, is this not the craftiest mother****** who's ever been on this show?

    • Angelo: (as Dale gets liquid nitrogen from the tank) How did you know how much to put in?
      Dale T.: I didn't. When it got crazy I just turned it off.

    • Fabio: (in the elevator to the TC apartments) We're going up, but it feels like we're going to hell.

    • Anthony Bourdain: (discussing Stephen's oyster sabayon) I'm sorry you're reminding me of this. As I'm eating it, I wa- I was, my mind was drifting back fondly to my last colonoscopy, it was- it was that bad.

  • Notes

    • For the first time since season three (when it was initiated) the fan poll was pulled from the broadcast and moved to the less logical home of Watch What Happens L!ve. No doubt due to Andy Cohen's dual role as both L!ve's show host and Bravo's executive VP of Original Programming and Development at the time.

    • About 90% of the chefs who were asked by the Producers to return as All-Stars were willing and able to do so.

    • There was some debate as to whether Spike should be given fresh scallops or frozen for the Elimination Challenge. But since his task was to correct his mistakes from his previous failure, they decided that they had to give him the same low quality ingredient, since that was the true mistake that needed to be overcome.

    • Tom mentions in his blog that he was notified by one of the competitors about Richard's plating after the timer went off. Richard was later shown the footage, and accepted that they had made a fair decision.

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