Top Chef

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 23, 2008 on Bravo

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  • the chefs pair up to improv a dish according to the guidelines given at improv theater the prior night

    this was not one of my fave eps b/c there was just a lot of failure in this ep and i just didnt think the rules were very clear for the audience as well as the contestants but at the same time i didnt think that should be an excuse for almost everyone but two groups really failing..i know there are people in the middle but they didnt do so well either..i think they just got really full of themselves and were fighting it out..i agree with the judges on who got sent home but i wont spoil it lol..not the best ep of the competition so far
  • Good show.

    Tonight Top Chef, the chefs quickfire required them to make desserts which we've seen in the past usually doesn't go too well, but we're pleasantly surprise now. Spike didn't do so hot at the quickfire @ least from my opinion but I think his effort was applauded. Nikki's looked the best but in the end, Richard's odd ingredients won. For the elimination challenge, the team has to create a dish using improv as the inspiration. On this particular challenge, my top picks are back in the top including Andrew. And Dale takes the win along with Richard and they win a bunch of high class silverware. Jennifer is the one who goes home unfortunately and she tries to plea her case to stay but the judges actually laugh which makes the situation look that much worse. Good show, and my top picks are still moving alone.
  • The quickfire and the elimination challenges were very interesting and not a rehash from years prior.

    The chefs here are a light year ahead of the other cooking show Hell's Kitchen, where no one can cook, or almost no one.
    While some of the dishes they come up with are too off the wall for me, to see the way they do it is impressive.
    The quickfire had some interesting dishes, and even one of the least favorite ones got points from the guest chef for creativity and courage.
    The elimination challenge was way off the wall. The way they came up with the dishes was also quite good. When you can impress Chef Tom with a tofu dish and all with a soup, you are doing something right. The food overall is great as evidenced by the comments by all.
    Did the right person go home, it was a close call, but the level here is heavenly, and I guess that is why the other show is called Hell's Kitchen, on a much lower level.
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