Top Chef

Season 2 Episode 4

Less is More

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 08, 2006 on Bravo

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  • Lack of ethics here!

    I have to agree with lots of viewers on here as this group of chefs are very unlikable. As you need to have the right kind of personality and right kind of attitude to make it as a personal chef. Marcel and Betty worked really well I thought. As that was wierd that they would be paired up together. But in all, everything worked out well. But with Mike, the guy is a total jerk. As I wished like everybody else, that he got kicked out. But noody did at all leave. Which was a bit of a shock for everybody. Mike will get kicked off if he doesn't clean up his act!
  • Please the kids

    I absolutly loved this challange. I couldn't have came up with a better one. I was highly disapointed with michael's dish because he didn't even try. For the final challange we have Betty and Marcel on the same team, so I thought it would be a little wierd but suprisingly. At the end they pulled together and was able to please majority of the judges and win the challange. I honestly thought that Betty made an honest mistake and the jugdes made the right call by not sending anyone home this round. Liked the episode but it wasnt my favorite from this season.
  • What a different group from season 1!

    I am still amazed at the pettyness and lack of ethics among this group. The episode began with a quick fire challenge of making an amuse bouche from vending machines. I really think that this kind of thing can really bring out the creativity in a good chef- as most of them showed. I can't imagine coming up with some of the things they did- I was impressed. Mike, however, came off, again, as an arrogant jerk- chocolate mound with cheeto? I thought he should have been eliminated right then and there! Then, they had to come up with healthy meals in teams. I thought that Betty and Marcel actually worked okay together- shows they can be professional. Mike, again, acted like this was a huge bother to be there- like the guest judge said- nobody forced him to be in the challenges.

    I thought the pettyness really showed at the end, when the nonwinners started saying they thought others had cheated. At least Betty admitted to Chef that she changed ingredients, but was upset to think she may have cheated inadvertently. Why didn't Mia stand up and say she was the one who brought it up? I hate people who are backstabbers, but won't say it to their face.

    I still think Mike should have been eliminated no matter what. He obviously doesn't want to be there.
  • I am very disappointed with this group of chefs.

    I am just fed up with this group of contestants. In the first season you had your good guys and your bad guys, but not your cheaters, and for the most part they did not turn on each other like a pack of animals at the judges table.

    I just don't get it with these guys. If they see cheating or a questionable practice going on, why aren't they speaking up right then. I don't see the advantage to holding back and dumping the accusation at the judges table. To me that just becomes sour grapes and diminishes the contestant to a tattle-tale!

    I was suprised at the closing comment by Mia that because of Betty's cookie mistake her group should have won! Give me a break their product was universaly not liked!
  • Wow I though I was watching a different show with the way everyone acted...

    Ok first this episode took the show to a whole new level of reality shows. Granted we had a few conflicts last season but wow are we even doing Top Chef or a soap oprea verson of cooking. We went from competition to drama, cheating (granted for Betty at least she was honest and didn't know the rest well..), to lying, and just all out where did they find these people?!? How did they ever make it here again.
    Ok the quick fire was funny and creative idea and I think that over all they did great. But Mike come on he even said, "screw the quick fire..I'm still pissed over the last challenge.." Then when confronted by the guest judge he lied and said, "I drew a blank..." And again at judges table he lied about it. And I am sorry but I am tired of hearing about his wife and her panties. If he is so upset then go home to her!
    As for the elimination challenge wow lying, cheating, and denial. First yes Betty added the sugar and broke the rules, she should have known better. And yah she is not my favorite person at all but at least she was heart felt sorry and admitted to it. And I don't care their pizza rocked even without the cookies so they deserve to win and Frank deserves the top award. Now for the rest of them..Sam saw that people used the cooking oil and told the judges. Now when Tom went to talk to the chefs non admitted to the oil, no one else admitted to and then they jumped down Betty's throat like she was the only one. Wrong!!!!! What kind of people are on this show?!?! Ok so Sam's team we know didn't cheat, we got some honest people. Besides for the cookies Betty's team didn't use the oil, so Frank and Marcel are honest. But what about the rest!!! If they didn't admit to it then they don't deserve the title of Top Chef. Hey last season Tiffani might have been a witch but at least she didn't go that far. Even Stephon didn't lie or cheat.
    Ok back to the dishes. The meat ball and fruit smoothy was a great idea I am just sorry that they didn't exicute it better. The chicken parmasion I am sorry but was a poor excuse. I was amazed the chocolate cake didn't go over good, of course I don't like chocolate cake or any cake either so I can see if the kids did not all go for it. Pizza and kids yah that was a winner hands down! What a great idea and the pizza tasted good so that was the important thing.
    And as for the judges not sending anyone home fine but I think that Tom should have said a lot more to them and pushed past to see who used the oil! And the after effect in the apartment was wack! I don't like Betty but she didn't deserve it. To make it fair I think that Sam should have to tell who cheat. Then they and Betty (only fair) all get sent home but that would be in a fair world and apparently we are on a different planet this season. Poor Tom!