Top Chef

Season 3 Episode 12

Manhattan Project

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 19, 2007 on Bravo

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  • I thought the quickfire was interesting, eating a dish and then having to make it from just the flavors, seems that Dinner Impossible did that last year.

    Once again the best two chefs rise to the top, Casey and Hung. Brian surprised everyone with his dish but Casey and Hung are the best of the bunch. I read another review that says that Casey is average and gets by on her looks, that may work sometimes, but when she wows chefs with her flavors and she is not there to look at, that idea quickly is lost on me.
    Yes, Hung is more technical, but I think Casey has more heart and soul in the kitchen. It will be quite interesting to see who goes to the finale.
  • Recreate a gourmet French dish in the quickfire, and the chefs serve French culinary teachers in the elimination challenge.

    Hung nailed the quickfire challenge, proving his technical superiority, but has yet to prove his creative prowess. The two best from the challenge were Casey and Hung. The judge (who's dish they were recreating) admitted that he wanted to say Casey wins because he is a man and she is beautiful, but in the end went with the truth: Hung. This proves my point about Casey. She's an average chef with above average charm and looks, and definitely influences the judging on the show with her latter qualities and not the first. In the elimination challenge they are required to use 3 ingredients, chicken, potato, and onion. Brian suprisingly comes through with a non-seafood dish that is really good and everyone liked, although his phaesent sausage upstaged the chicken which is why he didn't win. Dale and Sarah really messed their dishes up, Dale trying to do to much, and Sarah again, not being bold enough. This time it was enough to send her home, which is dissapointing because I think she is the best leader that Top Chef has ever had. If only she was not so reserved when making her own dishes. Casey gets trumped again by Hung's superior technical skills and he is the winner of the elimination challenge. (note: he didn't win a trip anywhere in the world or a computer like Casey did when she won.)
  • The chefs have to create a dish for the profs of the French Culinary Institute using chicken, potatoes, and onions

    I think this was a good episode, not the best but pretty good nonetheless. I enjoyed watching them cook for the french culinary institute. I think it was a great challenge to give them such "generic" ingredients and have them cook something that is really delicious. I also think that the right person went home this time (Finally!) Although I agree that it was a tough choice between the two because both Dale and Sara made fairly rudimentary mistakes, Sara's mistakes were worse. Undercooking chicken is something that is pretty hard to do, and should definitely not be done by someone competing to be a top chef. Dale forgot his sauce which only makes me believe that he was nervous not a bad chef. I am also really getting impressed by Casey. In the beginning I wasn't so thrilled with her but recently she has really been stepping up her game and making me root for her in the finale.
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