Top Chef

Season 9 Episode 14


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 08, 2012 on Bravo



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    • Tyson Cole: (about Paul) He was the first person the I ever worked with, where I would show him something and teach him, and then he'd come back two days later and he would have done it better than I did it. At first I was kind of threatened-
      (Everyone at the table laughs.)
      Padma: Uh, yeah, yeah.
      Tyson Cole: You know what I mean? But then I was like, "You know this guy is- he is really valuable. Like, we need to take advantage of that."
      Gail: We need to exploit that.
      Tyson Cole: (laughing) I know, exactly!

    • Lindsay: (introducing her mentor) I'm gonna look at your shoes so I don't lose it, all right? So Michelle Bernstein is my mentor. She molded this girl from North Carolina with train-wreck hair into the chef that I am, and she taught me how to balance being a badass and a lady at the same time.

    • (The chefs discuss who will return from Last Chance Kitchen.)
      Ed: You know it's gonna be Bev coming back.
      Sarah: Why would you say such thing?
      Ed: You know it is, though. I got a pack of cigarettes says it's Bev.
      Sarah: I got money that Grayson kicks Bev's ass.
      Ed: Pack of cigarettes, or are you gonna raise me?
      Sarah: I'm gonna raise ya a banana.
      Ed: Done. Pack of cigarettes and a banana.
      Sarah: Uh-oh, sounds like a good night.

  • Notes

    • Additional Table Judges:
      > Sarah Stegner – Co-chef/Owner, Prairie Grass Cafe, Northbrook, Illinois
      > Tyson Cole – Executive Chef/Co-owner, Uchi, Austin, Texas
      > Frank Crispo – Chef/Owner, Crispo Restaurant, New York, New York

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