Top Chef

Season 3 Episode 8

Restaurant Wars

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 15, 2007 on Bravo

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  • A burger quickfire where a seafood burger wins and only Howie makes it into the final four with a real burger.

    This was sort of who was the worst in the setting up the new place and the execution. There was one or two good things but each place had major flaws. It was disaster 101 and to be honest with only 1 day to get things done, not all that bad, but the cooking should have been much better.
    The scented candles at the table were disgusting, Trey bombed on his dish and knew it, Howies risotto was just not good, what more can happen. Oh yeah, it was so bad they could not pick a loser so we can see this again.
  • Unexpected Endings!!

    Well this was a great show. I love the challenge. Originally they had to create a burger. I believe CJ won this challenge and got to pick his team for the elimination challenge. Elimination challenge was the restaurant wars where two teams of people have to create their own restaurant. Howie, Hung, Sara M., and Dale create "The Garage" and CJ, Brain, Tre, and Casey create "April". Both teams have their share of problems. "The Garage" crew first of all has Howie. Dale designs the restaurant like its a massage parlor and other stuff. "April" crew I don't think delegated their activities well. Tre ended up with too much on his shoulders. Brian was flustered about being in the front house and sweating in the process. Just a lot of similar things out of place in both restaurants so for the elimination challenge the judges made them do a do-over! Very surprising. I really couldn't pick who I wanted to go home since there was so many mistakes everywhere. Everyone stayed. Great Show!
  • Gourmet burger quickfire, and the classic 'open a restaraunt' for the "elimination" challenge.

    (spoilers) So the quickfire challenge is to make burgers and two-thirds of the chefs make seafood burgers? Well I guess a seafood burger did win. I am blaming this on Brian though, who, big surprise went the seafood route again. C.J. finally wins one, but no immunity this time. Like it matters though, because no one was sent home! I did think the restaraunt challenge was a bit unfair because they honestly did not give enough time for the first team to prepare. This probably influenced their decision not to send anyone home. Me? I would have had no trouble sending one of these three chefs home, Sara, Howie, or Brian. Brian completely lost it, it was obvious he was out of it and unable to finish his assignment in the front of the house. You match that with the consideration that they had previously asked him to branch away from the seafood thing, and he still did a (lousy) seafood burger,... he should of been sent home. Sara again amazingly escapes the chopping block even though her dish was again unmemorable and her menu was completely too rich. I was amazed though that her and Howie weren't at each other's throats this time. Howie completely failed with his risotto, and the fact that he didn't know that, should of sent him home as well. P.S. There was a table that Dale was serving, I believe where the "blogger" was, with a man sitting across from her that really came out looking like a pompous jacka*s. He said "if that's a vegtable medley then I'm a monkey?" more like an orangutan. The woman was clearly embarassed to be with him.
  • "Restaurant Wars" is a challenge one has seen in prior seasons, but ends in a twist this season.

    "Restaurant Wars" is a challenge one has seen in prior seasons, but ends in a twist this season.

    Without spoilers, the show starts with an unusual quickfire with an unexpected prize. The burger challenge recipes are among the best of the episode and the season.

    The elimination is a bit anti-climatic, and will turn off some. It is however, gives a bit of character development, a lead in to the next episode, and a series of errors.

    For those who like "Top Chef," the episode will serve as a bridge. For new viewers, it will be a bit of a let down.
  • Restaurant wars begins but finishes not quite as expected.

    This episode was great! The two teams both were pretty bad because they didnt think about the overall restaurant quality or cohesiveness. I am really excited that they decided to give the teams a do over because I think that a second day will be more indicative of what they can actually do. However, I do want to point out that season 1 had this very same challenge and they were able to pull it off beautifully to the point that it was hard to choose the winner in a good way as opposed to this season where it was hard to choose the winner in a bad way. i think they need to start stepping up their quality a bit. The chefs really need to pull it together.