Top Chef

Season 4 Episode 11

Restaurant Wars

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 21, 2008 on Bravo

Episode Recap

QUICKFIRE CHALLENGE Tom wakens the six remaining chefs at 5:45am for their QuickFire Challenge – Work the short order egg station at a Chicago breakfast institution, Lou Mitchell's. They are judged by the owner, Heleen Thanas, who chooses Dale and Antonia as the top two, but Antonia is chosen as the winner. Tom tells them he won't be around for the Elimination Challenge, and gives Antonia an address where they are to meet Padma for details on the challenge. The address is the location for the challenge – Restaurant Wars! ELIMINATION CHALLENGE As the winner of the QuickFire, Antonia gets to choose her team and picks Richard and Stephanie, they are all excited. The second team is Dale, Lisa and Spike, they are not excited. These are the same two teams from Wedding Wars. The restaurant concepts and jobs are... Antonia, Richard and Stephanie will open a Gastro Pub called Warehouse Kitchen The menu includes: Beet and Goat Cheese Salad, or Linguine and Clams Trout with Cauliflower, or Lamb Leg and Loin Gorgonzola Cheesecake, or Banana "Scallops" Dale, Lisa and Spike will open an Asian Fusion restaurant called Mai Buddha The menu includes: Shrimp Laksa, or Pork and Pickled Plum Pot Stickers Butterscotch Miso Scallops, or Braised Short Ribs Halo-Halo, or Mango Sticky Rice The teams go shopping for supplies at Whole Foods with a budget of $1,500, and for décor at Pier 1 Imports where they can spend up to $5,000. They only have an hour at each store to make all the purchases. As they are prepping for service Anthony Bourdain shows up to let them know he will be filling in for Tom. Spike is a little worried because Anthony has eaten everywhere in Asia and really knows the cuisine. Bourdain thinks Warehouse Kitchen has set a low expectation for the food and that the menu at Mai Buddha will be harder to execute well. He then announces that each team will get an extra set of hands and brings in a selection of eliminated chefs. Dale's team chooses Jen, and Antonia's team chooses Nikki. Dale makes a mistake on his dessert and gets all stressed out, which gets Lisa stressed out. Spike and Dale both taste Lisa's soup and hate it, things continue to worsen as Lisa's dessert starts to fall apart. Aside from having to clean clams a second time to eliminate some grit, Antonia's team seems to be working well together. The restaurants open and the teams are introduced to the guest judge, José Andrés, chef, restaurant owner, and host of the PBS series, Made in Spain. The judges all love the food from Warehouse Kitchen. Next is Mai Buddha. Anthony says the purple and silver color scheme looks like the back of Prince's van. They are split on the food: liking the dumplings, ribs and halo-halo, but hating the soup, scallops and mango rice. FINAL JUDGING Padma calls in Warehouse Kitchen and congratulates them on being the winning team. They loved the pasta and the cheesecake, so Stephanie is the winner and receives a culinary tour for two to Barcelona, Spain. Mai Buddha is the loser. Spike is commended for his front-of-house skills, Dale is slammed for his scallops, Lisa is slammed for her soup. Spike is praised again for his short ribs. Dale and Lisa start pointing fingers at each other, and the judges have to stop them. They are then scolded for a lack of vision and teamwork. The judges debate between sending Lisa or Dale home. In the end, Dale is asked to leave and is very gracious about it. He even gives Spike a hug, but says nothing to Lisa as he walks out the door.