Top Chef

Season 4 Episode 11

Restaurant Wars

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 21, 2008 on Bravo

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  • the chefs work the line in a diner; the chefs break into two teams for restaurant wars

    i loved this ep..this brought out tons of sides in everyone..i was so glad that the ppl i love didnt lose it and get too pressured b/c of the conditions..spoiler..antonia didnt bring out any hate..neither did richard and stephanie definitely kept her cool..i was surprised that spike actually didnt point fingers too much when his team lost..the thing between lisa and dale was worse than normal..but in a sad twisted way it was entertaining..i was glad that dale went b/c his food didnt look appetizing..but lisa could have gone too..and yay..stephanie won for her service..i was so proud of her for that
  • One team at war and the other at peace!

    The team of Richard, Stephanie, and the other person I can't think of at the top of my head but know their face is doing well. But Dale, Spike, and the other lady bring chaos and show lousy teamwork. As Tom, the head judge is invited to a charity event and controversal temporary judge Anthony Bourdain is brought on in. As a Spanish judge as the Richard, Stephenie, and that other person are the winners and Stephenie wins the prize thing. While Dale, who has won some events, isn't so lucky as he is sent packing. It is boiling down to the final four as one excellent episode!
  • Restaurants wars bring peace in one team, and wars in the other team. Antonia, Stephanie and Richard seem to be really doing well.

    For the Quickfire challenge, the chefs had to serve breakfast at a short-order counter and it looked like Dale and Antonia did pretty well. Spike and Stephanie couldn't fry eggs, Richard didn't understand the industry lingo and Lisa couldn't use a Styrofoam box. Antonia won, making her the Quickfire Queen, so far with 4 out of 11 wins. Not bad.

    And the Restaurant Wars are back! At this point, I didn't really want anybody to go home at only six chefs left. If I had to pick, Lisa or Spike could go home, judging by the teams that Antonia picked. I never root for the underdogs, sorry if that disturbs anyone. :(

    Anthony Bourdain comes in, and he comments very wisely on the fact that Dale's team make themselves sound very good, while Antonia's team make themselves sound very modest, in order to make it easier to exceed expectations. Then it is at this point when Jen joins Dale's team and Nikki joins Antonia's team. And um... Lisa makes the weirdest comments by the way. I'm not gonna go into it, but whatever. I'm gonna skip all the cooking problems and just skip to the eating.

    I wanted to eat all of Antonia's dishes, especially the lamb dish and trout dish. Stephanie, Antonia and Richard won the challenge, and Stephanie in particular, got a free trip to Spain. As for the losers, Dale, Lisa and Spike all got blamed for all these different things, from who grabbed rice off the top shelf, to the argument as to who conceptualized or braised the short rib, from the decor being too extravagant, to the over-smoked laksa, from the sweet butterscotch scallop, to Dale's poor executive chef skills, from Spike's lack of involvement in the kitchen, to the lack of teamwork between Lisa and Dale. Whew! Boy, they're screwed.

    Before one of the three of them got eliminated, Dale didn't hesitate to call Lisa a b***h while Spike and Lisa said other things literally behind his back. When the judges said it was clear, I knew it had to be Dale going home.

    Which is a shame, because I thought Dale was a good chef. If only his attitude was a little better.
  • A classic and loved challenge turned dreadful by bad meat i.e. team members leaving a sour taste........

    Well another week where I think two again should have gotten the ax. Hey then we would be already down to the final four! This should have been a great episodes with a classic loved challenge but no bad meat i.e. team members turned it sour to the taste buds. And was there a doubt after that who would win?!?!?

    Ok I have to start with my favorite part of the whole show Anthony Bourdain!!!!!!! I love that man and I love it when he just puts it out there and tells how the dishes are like it is. What a treat to have him and Ted this episode! But Anthony Bourdain rocks and I loved him at judges table and agreed with everything he said.

    Spike yah but luck or what got by with being front of the house and staying out of a bad thing that come on ny one of us knew was going to happen when they got partnered up.

    OK Dale yah didn't like him anyway but still he was head chef and should have called it but no he had to get caught in b*tching and ego besides for not making good food. Tell Anthony even caught him when Dale said he didn't know how to make a dish so he went by what Lisa and Spike said. Hello your suppose to be top Chef and you don't know DAH!!!!!!

    Now Lisa, again Anthony nailed her with her attitude just standing there. And to fail at two dishes she has done before. Oh give me a break. This was where I was like hell send them both home Anthony!!!!

    Glad Steph won, yah she is my favorite and yah she has had her turnat the bottom but she pulled it out. Of course she had a great team, and that is what works for them the fact that they worked more as a team.
  • Just when you thought this reality show actually displayed reality and it doesn't...

    First of all this morning I went on and much to my chagrin NONE of the judges wrote on their blogs. Are you SHOCKED or SUPRISED...probably because they had no words to defend the decision they made last night. Last night's challenge was the all-defining restaurant wars; I still feel the first season displayed the best version of this challenge. Stephen has the host is a classic that no one will ever forget!

    Some will argue that Dale wasn't a great leader and a hot head in the kitchen, but when you have a crappy sous chef such as Lisa you can't help it. HELLO, HELLO why has Dale one 1/5 of all the challenges just far? Was that for kicks? Ok, maybe you don't want another Hung - but at least let the guy make it to the finals. Lisa was HORRIBLE. Hello Bravo - you have shown she cannot cook worth a lick and her palate is completely off. Whoever has her on staff should fire her right now and send her back to culinary school because she obviously does not know what she is doing. Essentially this episode shows how the Chef's would act if they had their own restaurant, which is an opportunity they can pursue when they win Top Chef. It demonstrates their passion, willingness to work with others and overall spirit for the industry. In this episode they didn't stress the constrained budget and gave the Chef's plenty of working space to execute this restaurant. In the past that has played a key role in making things happen. (see comment about Stephen above)

    At first I thought this was going to be a great episode and my prediction of either Spike or Lisa going home would come true. Instead the Judges' and the Producers' pulled a 180 on us and sent Dale home. This whole season has been about technicalities and this time they used the excuse of poor leadership. But if this show is truly finding a really great Chef then sometimes you have to give way to the people who just cook horribly. That is why this made me think they are now keeping Lisa around for a very bad reason.

    We'll just have to wait until next week to see how else they could screw up a perfectly good show.
  • This is like an episode of Dragnet where to protect the innocent the names have been changed. SSDY, they have done this one too often.

    The quick fire was a tough one. You just do not go from fine dining to work short order egg station, it is not something you do every day or in some cases ever, so it makes the job just that more difficult.
    I like Antonia, she seems to be peaking, early on I was not sure she would go this far.
    When they gave her the chance to pick her team, she picked people who she could work with. It was smart. Then they picked a menu they could execute without much trouble and give tasty food.
    The other team has problems and they start at Dale, he is not a head chef, or is trying to be one in the Gordon Ramsey style, an to be able to do that you have to be able to cook like him and have a reputation, both things you do not yet have.
    Lisa had a bad day in the kitchen but Dale had a worse one, he as head chef is responsible for what comes out of the kitchen, and it was right to send him home.
    It is really starting to get interesting. I think Richard can cook but leave your toys at home, this is who can cook not who brought the best toys. I also see a lot of talent with Stephanie and Antonia, we will see if I am right.
  • Team Surething vs. Team Shipwreck

    Well, for those who didn't like wedding is restaurant wars. During quickfire, the chefs go to a restaurant having to make orders involving eggs that require speed and finese. Antonia wins and is allowed to pick her team first on restaurant wars. We have Team Surething vs. Team shipwreck. Team Surething is Antonia, Richard, and Stephanie. Team Shipwreck is Dale, Spike, and Lisa. While things went smoothly for one, it was horrible for others. Lisa was disagreeing with both Spike and Dale and really was to lax and I'm just ready to see her go. Dale overdid it again. He's stressing over his position and didn't execute much well. Don't think he knew what he was doing in that position and doesn't do well when he's flustered. Spike was front of house and I think did the best thing by staying out of it. It wasn't really a competition this one. Team Surething easily won with Stephanie winning a trip to Barcelona. Dale went home. Hopefully Spike and Lisa follow soon. My top picks? Stephanie and Richard. It was okay.
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