Top Chef

Season 4 Episode 11

Restaurant Wars

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 21, 2008 on Bravo

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  • Just when you thought this reality show actually displayed reality and it doesn't...

    First of all this morning I went on and much to my chagrin NONE of the judges wrote on their blogs. Are you SHOCKED or SUPRISED...probably because they had no words to defend the decision they made last night. Last night's challenge was the all-defining restaurant wars; I still feel the first season displayed the best version of this challenge. Stephen has the host is a classic that no one will ever forget!

    Some will argue that Dale wasn't a great leader and a hot head in the kitchen, but when you have a crappy sous chef such as Lisa you can't help it. HELLO, HELLO why has Dale one 1/5 of all the challenges just far? Was that for kicks? Ok, maybe you don't want another Hung - but at least let the guy make it to the finals. Lisa was HORRIBLE. Hello Bravo - you have shown she cannot cook worth a lick and her palate is completely off. Whoever has her on staff should fire her right now and send her back to culinary school because she obviously does not know what she is doing. Essentially this episode shows how the Chef's would act if they had their own restaurant, which is an opportunity they can pursue when they win Top Chef. It demonstrates their passion, willingness to work with others and overall spirit for the industry. In this episode they didn't stress the constrained budget and gave the Chef's plenty of working space to execute this restaurant. In the past that has played a key role in making things happen. (see comment about Stephen above)

    At first I thought this was going to be a great episode and my prediction of either Spike or Lisa going home would come true. Instead the Judges' and the Producers' pulled a 180 on us and sent Dale home. This whole season has been about technicalities and this time they used the excuse of poor leadership. But if this show is truly finding a really great Chef then sometimes you have to give way to the people who just cook horribly. That is why this made me think they are now keeping Lisa around for a very bad reason.

    We'll just have to wait until next week to see how else they could screw up a perfectly good show.