Top Chef

Season 4 Episode 11

Restaurant Wars

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 21, 2008 on Bravo

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  • A classic and loved challenge turned dreadful by bad meat i.e. team members leaving a sour taste........

    Well another week where I think two again should have gotten the ax. Hey then we would be already down to the final four! This should have been a great episodes with a classic loved challenge but no bad meat i.e. team members turned it sour to the taste buds. And was there a doubt after that who would win?!?!?

    Ok I have to start with my favorite part of the whole show Anthony Bourdain!!!!!!! I love that man and I love it when he just puts it out there and tells how the dishes are like it is. What a treat to have him and Ted this episode! But Anthony Bourdain rocks and I loved him at judges table and agreed with everything he said.

    Spike yah but luck or what got by with being front of the house and staying out of a bad thing that come on ny one of us knew was going to happen when they got partnered up.

    OK Dale yah didn't like him anyway but still he was head chef and should have called it but no he had to get caught in b*tching and ego besides for not making good food. Tell Anthony even caught him when Dale said he didn't know how to make a dish so he went by what Lisa and Spike said. Hello your suppose to be top Chef and you don't know DAH!!!!!!

    Now Lisa, again Anthony nailed her with her attitude just standing there. And to fail at two dishes she has done before. Oh give me a break. This was where I was like hell send them both home Anthony!!!!

    Glad Steph won, yah she is my favorite and yah she has had her turnat the bottom but she pulled it out. Of course she had a great team, and that is what works for them the fact that they worked more as a team.