Top Chef

Season 4 Episode 11

Restaurant Wars

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 21, 2008 on Bravo

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  • Restaurants wars bring peace in one team, and wars in the other team. Antonia, Stephanie and Richard seem to be really doing well.

    For the Quickfire challenge, the chefs had to serve breakfast at a short-order counter and it looked like Dale and Antonia did pretty well. Spike and Stephanie couldn't fry eggs, Richard didn't understand the industry lingo and Lisa couldn't use a Styrofoam box. Antonia won, making her the Quickfire Queen, so far with 4 out of 11 wins. Not bad.

    And the Restaurant Wars are back! At this point, I didn't really want anybody to go home at only six chefs left. If I had to pick, Lisa or Spike could go home, judging by the teams that Antonia picked. I never root for the underdogs, sorry if that disturbs anyone. :(

    Anthony Bourdain comes in, and he comments very wisely on the fact that Dale's team make themselves sound very good, while Antonia's team make themselves sound very modest, in order to make it easier to exceed expectations. Then it is at this point when Jen joins Dale's team and Nikki joins Antonia's team. And um... Lisa makes the weirdest comments by the way. I'm not gonna go into it, but whatever. I'm gonna skip all the cooking problems and just skip to the eating.

    I wanted to eat all of Antonia's dishes, especially the lamb dish and trout dish. Stephanie, Antonia and Richard won the challenge, and Stephanie in particular, got a free trip to Spain. As for the losers, Dale, Lisa and Spike all got blamed for all these different things, from who grabbed rice off the top shelf, to the argument as to who conceptualized or braised the short rib, from the decor being too extravagant, to the over-smoked laksa, from the sweet butterscotch scallop, to Dale's poor executive chef skills, from Spike's lack of involvement in the kitchen, to the lack of teamwork between Lisa and Dale. Whew! Boy, they're screwed.

    Before one of the three of them got eliminated, Dale didn't hesitate to call Lisa a b***h while Spike and Lisa said other things literally behind his back. When the judges said it was clear, I knew it had to be Dale going home.

    Which is a shame, because I thought Dale was a good chef. If only his attitude was a little better.
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