Top Chef

Season 5 Episode 9

Restaurant Wars

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 21, 2009 on Bravo

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  • Really not, a good episode!

    This really, wasn't a good episode. Of Top Chef but the reason, I gave it. A nine, is because, it showed more drama. And that it showed, why Radhika was sent home. She seemed, to be or have, absolutely no open house skills. Thought that, Jeff should had opened and closed the restaurant. As he knew how to do that, having his own restaurant. The judges were, really ticked off. And they left, before she got to say good-bye. Fabio showed off, his skills and charm. And his team, barely won. Fabio is really, something else. Though his food, may not be, always up to par. Stefan is really something else. He is really arrogant. Nobody wants to be around him. He needs to get, the pic!
  • Well, this was another one of Top Chef's signature Restaurant Wars. It wasn't the best Restaurant War, but it was still pretty good. You also see Toby Young going at it again with his lofty and carping analogies...this time, he uses Elvis.

    I think Radhika was the right person to go home today. She just hasn't shown us her strength. It would have also been nice had Leah gone home after that backstabbing in the previous episode, but luckily for her, she dodged the bullet simply by being on the right team. What they really could have done was instead of judging the chefs by their respective teams, they should have split the chefs and judged their elimination based on their own performances. I think this would have been so much better because the individual performances on each team were so drastically different, like Stefan did awesome, but Leah sucked balls. I also really liked the guest judge in this episode. He was a lot nicer than some of the other guest judges in the past. He also occasionally showed his humor, a blue moon of a thing in these uptight connoisseurs.