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  • The Coronation Soap Opera

    Watch the first episode of Top Chef in Charleston and notice the camera "loving" Brooke. This was the first time I was able to predict the winner based on the first episode. Don't know if she was the best "chef", but IMHO, the fix was in from the start. Sheldon's engaging personality and 100-watt smile played perfectly into this soap opera, since he was eliminated near the end to the dismay of all of us fair-play fans. And who would have guessed that Brooke would come back as the LCK winner-- gasp, quelle surprise! One other comment for Padma: honey, your increasingly revealing dresses may be in keeping with Bravo's overall cheesiness, but I thought (hoped) you had more class. If you're competing with Gayle's bosoms, you lose.
  • Where's the white folk?

    Love this show. Watch every episode. However, I can't help but notice that there's been at least 3-4 people in every audience or guests at the parties that were mildly tan and i was like "whoa whoa whoa, what is this, the United Nations or a coke commercial?" Not to be racist or anything but maybe we could crawl out of 1942 and invite a couple brown people to the table (even some that aren't African or bbq chefs). Again, love the show, just also aware that sustainability isn't just a good thing. #2017
  • Give THIS a shot....

    Watch ONE episode of "The Great British Baking Show" or (the nearly as good) "Great American Baking Show", and it will make this TRASH nearly unwatchable. I honestly did try to watch Ramsey's "what-excuse -can-I-find-for-a-tantrum" fest, and soon realized that EVERY season has the same characters (the unlikeable older guy, the flamboyantly gay guy, the tattooed "outsider", the hunky ex-military, the misunderstood emo kid, the grandmother with an "iffy" history, and so on) and they substitute unimportant differences in script for what they hope folks will see as "innovation". After all these years the only thing I've EVER gotten fro this show is that NO ONE can cook scallops and only the bipolar Ramsey should ever cook for the Ramsey family (Serve MY MOTHER a dog's dinner!?!?? Serve MY CHILDREN raw chicken?!!?!? How DARE you?!?!?!?). Seriously... watch Mary Berry.... learna little something about baking..... watch people succeed and fail.... understand WHY they succeed and fail.... see that they are never shunted down a hallway in shame and disgrace.... come to grips with the fact that NOTHING is as universal as feeding oneself and feeding others.... it is a science (somewhat) and an art (more than somewhat), but it is also an ATTITUDE that folks like the gracious and lovely Mary Berry (and Paul) grasp fully and beautifully, and the annoying (all bluster) "Chef" Ramsey probably never will.
  • Shocked by TOP CHEF

    I am (was) a big fan of Top Chef until recently. I was totally shocked to see that Top Chef allowed Foie gras to be made on their show. For those of you who do not know what foie gras is , it is the enlarged liver of a duck or geese. The way it becomes enlarged is by force feeding with a tube down the throats of these animals. This is VERY inhumane and it shocks me that Top Chef supports this cruelty to animals. For this reason I will no longer be watching your program.
  • Could you dress anymore sleezy?!?

    On 1/1/16 Sneak Peek episode.

    Very sleezy Padma & Guest hostess.

    Don't ruin the show. Get someone to dress you appopriately.
  • Holy Escamoly - wow

    Just finished watching Top Chef - Boston; love the show, however what I really DO NOT love is seeing chef's tasting their dishes as they are cooking them and then putting the spoon they've just had in their mouth back in the cooking pot!!!!!! That is just soooooooo disgusting - didn't their moms teach them anything?
  • The """F""" BOMB!!!!

    The Asian girl you have on this new season is HORRENDOUS! Don't they know they are being video taped and you ALLOW this much LANGUAGE! She cant find enough ways to use the ""F"" I say NOT a LADY in any way and the owner of the restaurant that leaves HER in charge (like she stated) MUST NOT know!! Imagine what the staff and customers must hear! I see LAWSUIT down the line for her assume she didn't talk this way in audition! But you continue to let her talk this way on camera! Worse than trailer park is a time for anything but NATIONAL T V??
  • top ched bullies and permissive production crew and judges

    I may be watching an older season but I am appalled at how Marcel was bullied by the 3 other chef's near the end of series. I find it outrageous how he was physically assaulted by Cliff. If the hosts and producers can't see how this individual has been treated - they all need to go to a class on what's appropriate. And to boot- Marcel is the best chef left - particularly since he has been professional compared to other 3 remaining people. Marcel is only one that doesn't have an attitude. One contestant who hadn't seen him in 2 months and sees him in first class flight says he is already annoying him- that is a trouble maker and the others are bullies. Sometimes when 3 people with all of a similar type of faults get together it can be dangerous for the 4th person. I hope they treat Marcel properly.

    As an aside - I was so disappointed he lost but understand and not convinced he wasn't sabotaged with his "missing" fish. I was so pleased and proud of Gail Simmons and P. Lakshi defended Marcel when this bully ex contestant insinuated his food was horrible without even eating it. I realise this was an old episode but just shocked by this mob mentality attack following what was nothing short of a choke hold type of lock they physically put Marcel throw. Frankly, I am surprised he didn't sue CBS,
  • Kind of a familiar area

    We have all seen cooking shows and I think that this one more or less stands out on its own. It does have a lot of exciting moments but not enough to satisfy me.
  • padma is why i won't watch

    I once loved Top Chef. It was all about competition between chefs with one exceptional chef winning. That's how it should be. Then one night I happened to see Padma on that late night Bravo show (by accident--it came on after Top Chef, and I was getting ready for bed, and the fact that Padma was on caught my attention) and she was absolutely gushing about campaigning for Obama--I lost all respect for her, and lost all interest in the show. Apparently she's either so wealthy that his policies won't touch her or so stupid due to her lofty celebrity status that she can't see the truth. Whichever it is, I too am driven by my love of country and memory of what this country once was and could be again, that I could not care less about this show, and feel ill at the sight of this woman. I am so disappointed.

  • Real Chefs of Texas Flip Out -- Thoughts on Season Nine's Descent To the Rest of Bravo's Execrable Programming.

    I don't like reality TV. Bear with me. That statement is not the complete logical disconnect that it appears at first read. The higher echelon of reality fare -- no Kardashians need apply -- focuses not on the deconstruction of the human race, but on gamesmanship and excellence. This season the food played second chair to the petty bullying of a clique of women contestants. If I watched Big Brother or any of the Real Housewives franchises, maybe I'd have a different take on this season. But I come for the food.

    It's quite clear that early on the producers saw a story arc and decided to exploit it into a gender-biased season. Even if the numbers don't support me, the editing made it feel as though I was seeing more boy vs. girl challenges than in any other season. The foundation of that was the bullying of Bev by certain of the women chefs rumpus. Scripted comments and editing made this bigger than it was, but it was still happening and the decision was made to capitalize on it as though Top Chef was one of the bottom-feeding reality programs and not an Emmy-winning show.

    I'm sure the producers thought it was a sound decision ratings-wise, and the numbers may prove them correct. As a viewer, however, I believe it was a tactical misstep because that decision took me completely out of the Top Chef experience; something that hasn't happened since season two and the hijinks with Marcel. If I watch any season nine episode, I do not root for the best chef to win. I root for anyone but Sarah, Lindsay or Heather to win and begrudge all of them their cash prizes and perks that go with the wins. This is not how I want to watch the show. I come for the food.

    As long as I'm passing blame around, it's only fair to share it with the women who sparked the story idea. There are always personality clashes in a work setting, and a competition only makes it more fraught. We see it every season; the chefs snap at each other, accuse one or the other of laziness. It's all happened before. What hasn't happened is the persistence and the ostracization to this level. For whatever reason, mob mentality took over and never left. What's sad is that, because no one in the mob could detach and regain a modicum of professional conduct, it provided the opening for the producers to flavor the whole season with the ladies' ugly behavior.

    With any luck there will be a more professional group of chefs next season, and focus will shift primarily back to the competition. Like I said, I come for the food.
  • Enjoy the Food Network? Always thought you could be the best cook in the world. Then Top Chef is for you. This reality competition takes Chef's from all different backgrounds and see who comes out as Top Chef.

    Top Chef began after the huge success seen by its predecessor Project Runway. It took a real life skill that could not be hidden by camera edits because the contestants had to produce a finished product. Top Chef is a great program for all food lovers. You can see the most amazing dishes created in a matter of minutes or hours depending the challenge.

    The premise is simple. The show starts off with a Quickfire challenge, which I consider the preamble to the show. The Quickfire is designed to see what the Chef's can do in a small amount of time using only their background and prior knowledge. They have no planning and almost always make it right down to the buzzer. Typically the bottom three and top three chef's are showcased. The bottom three are aware of what they did wrong and will have to "bring it" in the Elimination Challenge later in the episode. Typically the Winner of the Quickfire receives immunity in the Elimination Challenge competition, which can be great if the elimination challenge is not team based.

    Then the show continues with the Elimination Challenge, which allows for more prep and planning on a budget of course, with limited access to the stocked kitchen. Sometimes the Chef's are so stumped they are even planning in the supermarket as they find items and go from there. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't. As I mentioned above the Elimination Challenge could be individual based or team based, but typically it is team based. So when a member of your team has immunity it just means that everyone else has to step up so your team does not fall behind. Some of the Chef's get lost and think oh, one of our team members has immunity so that means we won't be on the chopping block. Wrong!!

    During the first season it was everyman/woman for his/herself and when they formed teams it was a nightmare. As the series has grown more contestants are realizing it is helpful if you can get along with your teammates. It not only helps you not get eliminated, but you turn out a better product for the guests to enjoy.

    The judging only takes place at the event the Chef's are creating dishes for. Tom Coliccho is the "Chef" judge and he stops in the kitchen to see how the contestants are progressing. One season a Chef forgot an ingredient and Chef Tom saw that ingredient being prepped and commented at Judges' table about why did that ingredient disappear. The ingredient could have made the dish better and was subsequently sent packing. So his presence could be helpful or hurtful depending on which way you see it.

    There is always a guest judge and recently they have brought in Anthony Bourdain and Ted Allen to spicen the mix up. This show is just great entertainment and always enjoyable. Sometimes a little to predictable, but every now and then there is a suprise. Bon Appetit!
  • I love this show, and another great new season is about to begin

    This show is a food lovers show for sure, the chefs are all passionate, they are all competitive, they all can cook, there is no drama created by the host, it's just who can cook the better food, and I love it. The challenges are all creative and fun, the quickfire's are exciting, especially the races, like the mis-en-plas relay, always fun. This show never gets old and I definitely see it having a really good run, sometimes the drama can overtake the cooking (like Leah and Josea in season 5) but otherwise I see no flaws in this show and I look forward to another great season.
  • Show for all those who like good food!

    Well, I can't be totally objective here because I'm in love with good wining and dining. Thus, my obsession with it found its ground. LOL
    I really like it and I've learned a lot, by only seeing a season or two. Will catch up on all the rest for sure.
    This is a competitive show, it has its dynamic, good food, excellent chefs, interesting tasks, and lets you in on a few tips from chefs who work in great restaurants, have their own ways but still manage to emphasize on the nationality of each dish.
    Will continue to watch and will recommend it to all those who like being in their kitchens, chopping, cooking, frying etc.
    Good one!!!
  • You can learn from this show!

    I love this show. I have been watching it since the 2nd season and have since caught up and have seen all of them. You can learn recipes from this show, learn about what is new, in style as well as old traditional recipes and see a lot of really interesting people that have raw talent.
    This show also is entertaining. Has some drama but that is good because I am interested in the cooking!
    I have since used some recipes from the show and have my favorite chefs. Both Dales, Howie and my newest favorite, Carla. I would love to see where some of the old contestants are cooking now. I highly recommend this show to people who love to cook. You don't need to know a lot to watch it.
  • This is not the real world,this show needs to focus on the cooking & the deserving chef's not the love story between 2 people who should not even be there anymore. Stop sending the good people home.

    I really do love this show I've watched it every season but on this season so far Im not impressed. I pretty much always agree with the judge's choices on who to send home. However when Ariane was sent home I couldn't believe it,their were 2 other people on the bottom that deserved to home wayyyy ahead of her,shes an amazing chef and should have been on the show a lot longer than she was. Also this week I did not agree with the decision to send Jamie home. I thought for sure she would make it in the top 2 along with Stephan,she's is one of the best chef's there and should have stayed on the show longer instead she went home so the show can play up the stupid love story of 2 chef's who no one cares about. I think the only reason Leah has not gone home yet and two other deserving chef's have gone home is because the producers want to play up this romance bs between Hosea and Leah and I personally do not care. I dont watch this show for the drama and I think if the show continues to go on this way,they will lose a lot of viewers,including myself. At this point it would not surprise me if the remaining 2 chef's are Leah & Hosea just so they can go up against each other. This show needs to focus on the good chef's & not the ones who hussie their way through the show aka Leah!
  • i love the show but hear i what i would like to see change

    i love the show but what i dont understand is way dont they know how to seasons. and why do they always try to cook some food that they cant say the name. grant it i have no colniary school but even i know how to cook with fresh seasons and could make better meals i just dont know how to do the prestions they never bbq their meat why and they never cook it in wine or bear. and why dont they cook it with the bone on. here si a simple mac and chese resipe i think you would like its my own i take nudles cook them then cut up for types of cheses and put in velveta a lettle salt and peper with some chives then i make a brown gravy and take after baking and mixing the rest 375 for 20 to 25 min i take the brown gravy with a brush and brush it on the top of the mac and chese then i put it back in the oven for 10 min.
  • Still cooking!

    I really like this show. My girlfriend started me watching Top Chef on the second season. I was definitely reluctant to consume myself into a cooking show, but I was pleasantly surprised. I like Tom Collichio a lot and think he has an honest character that is refreshing to the reality genre. Anthony Bourdain is always entertaining as a guest judge and Padma Lakshmi isn't so bad to look at. I feel that the contestants (chefs) on the show are well skilled and the challenges are well thought out. I like learning things when I watch reality television and appreciate the writing and talent on this program. Keep it up Top Chef!
  • Hope you do a better job of choosing contestants for next season!

    Funny the first thing I am admonished with before writing my review is "remember to keep the language clean." You failed to give the same to your contestants! I watch MOST of the programs on FoodTV and one never hears such filth from their chefs! I watch MANY other cooking/baking shows on other networks also, and again, one doesn't hear 'bleeps' to cover everyother word flowing from their chefs lips! A very blatant display of lack of character, upbringing and respect for others besides revealing a lack of vocabulary or education, no matter how much 'schooling' they may sport!

    I sincerely hope that you add a 'character' catagory to the contestants applications in the future! A percentage of their final score necessary to make the Top Chep competition should include just that. I did watch ALL of the episodes this past season, as well as the three previous. However, if the verbage does not change in the future, I regret that I will have viewed my last Top Chef!!!
  • Megan Boris- I love this show, it gives you a desire to be creative in the kitchen!

    This show is so entertaining...from the amazing dishes the contestants create to the crazy personality clashes. It's one of the best shows, I love it! Season Four has by far been my favorite season to date. I really think having the show set in Chicago added a little different character to the show this year. I felt the contest was more about the quality of the food this year and the skills of the chefs than ever before. Also, I'm really glad the final contest was between Richard and Stephanie. They were both fantastic chefs, but I was glad to see a female win the title of Top Chef this year.
  • Top Chef Finale was a bust!

    Was I the only one who was disappointed with the Finale of Top Chef? Not only was it boring and uneventful, the winner was obvious. Extremely disappointed. It felt like everyone was tired and just wanted to go home.No big bang at the end, no cheering and joy, just a "You won..Congrats" here's some wine. WOW! What a disappointment!

    There were also several other problems with the production threw out the season. I loved how when someone would go home they would show them walking out with their knives in hand and then show them packing their knives and walking out the door. Oooops! Guess the editors and producers wern't quite on their toes with that one. I'm looking forward to next season.I hop ehtey get it together and learn from their mistakes.
  • The last episode in PR was crazy, Lisa should have gotten eliminated , she has a bad attitude and she can't cook.

    The people voted to get lisa off in the POLL but you did not listen Antonina is a much better cook!!! Don't know if I will not watch the show next season. She has been the most level headed and the best cook there, Stephine did not even have enough dishes, they left the meat out and had to through it away.. Big mistake and it is a shame I thought the poll was correct to get ride of Lisa!! BAD Judging on the judges parts!!! I think the guy should go all the way but we will see. Thank you
  • I have sat on the edge of my cushy throne every season. I have smelled through my plasma, and "Amened" to every descion". This season, well, it's not worth the time.

    I have sat on the edge of my cushy throne every season. I have smelled through my plasma, and "Amened" to every descion". This season, well, it's not worth the time. Bad choice, after bad choice. Conspiracy theories aside, whoever is making the last call should be fired. It's one thing to challenge my judgement, but keep me coming back. It's another thing to give me earfuls of mango sticky rice, "week after week", then kill the very essence of competition______ The "COMPETITION". Who wants to watch annoying bad cooks, I'll go to "Lisa's Fine Dinning" for that. You've taken suspense and controversy past commonsense and the words of your own judges. Maybe it's bad editing. Guess I'll SETTLE for "Hell's Kitchen".
  • this show...

    This season I have to agree is going a bit slow. However, I too am hooked. I like some of the characters they have this year. For instence: Dale... God help me he is so annoying and I can't wait until he is kicked off. Which probably won't happen. Richard... I liked how he is giving up credit to other when the deserve it. That is ver nice of him but I am sure he is doing that to show how nice he is and he is probably hoping that will get him somewhere. Antionia... Noticed she won the last two challenges the quick fire and the elimation. That rocks. Lisa... is an odd sort not too sure about her yet. The cake she made for the wedding wars was ugly as the judges said but she did what the groom wanted so. Spike... I don't know what to say about him yet. He wants credit but doesn't help that much. And, the austrailian guy... that sucked he deserved to stay and he was screwed... I have to agree with him a judge just doesn't like him. So that is so far my feelings they may change as the show continues but that is it so far.
  • Season 4 is slow, but I'm still hooked!

    This is one of the few shows that gets a series recording on my DVR. I love the competition and the food these great chefs produce. While this latest season seems to be low on personality, I love the fact it is set in the midwest! Tom Colicchio offers a wonderfully refreshing look at cooking food that is simple and clear cut. Don't be lazy, don't overseason and don't put too much on your plate! I've learned a lot about the culinary world in terms of the guest chef judges they have on the show. Can't wait to see who wins this year!
  • Chefs from all over compete for the title Top Chef

    I love any show that involves food because I love to eat. So anything thats has to so with food count me in. I love how these different chefs go from being some average line cook to this big time fancy dish maker. I love it. The judges are great and normally with reality shows there is always a judge that i dont like but I like all the jugdes on this show. I think they have one of the toughest jobs. I would hate to try some of thoses dishes that the contestants make just because they look funny. One of my personal favorites
  • Reality TV at it's BEST!

    To me this is one of the best reality TV series out there. Not only do I learn more about food as each week passes but the competitions are very difficult and push the chefs differently. Also it provides information on the restaurants they compete in which is good for some one like me who travels a lot. I fully plan on visiting Harold's (SEASON 1 winner) restaurant next time I am in New York. I like shows where the contestants don't just sit around and talk like big brother but are pushed every single episode. The next one should be in NEW YORK then they should go abroad!!!!
  • i will never watch top chef again. it was my favorite show on t.v. and i have never missed an episode.

    i cant belive u voted Trey off. he was and exellent chef and a pleasure to watch. i am so upset. i feel that the judges where bias unfair and uncompent. im just appalled at this whole thing. its just amazing that there were so many other contestants that should of been voted off before. this is a travisty to the whole bravo network shows involving contestants and judging. you should feel terible for this professional young man. i dont no how you sleep at night but those stupid judges have to live with their descisions and how it effects peoples entire lives.
  • If you can't stand the heat... go to Hell's Kitchen.... naw.. don't go there... watch Top Chef

    I loved the first season! I was hooked... hope for Lee Ann and now i'm happy to see her working with the show.

    At the end of Season Two I had a serious issue with one of the judge's decisions. They were in Hawaii, my home state, the challenge was to make two dishes for a Birthday Luau. Sam (my favorite chef on Season two) make a dessert like Haupia (coconut gelatin) and Poke. They booted Sam off because he didn't COOK anything... well, first of all a lot of Hawaiian food isn't cooked... and secondly, there were a NUMBER of challenges when they didn't have to cook (ice cream challenge, vending machine challenge,) so why is this NOW a rule?

    While I understand that they make decisions using help from the producers to make it the show they want. I don't agree with that decision... it was arbitrary and unfair.

    I'm still watching though... here's to Season III!
  • Top Chef is a reality competition show in which chefs compete against each other in weekly challenges. They are judged by a panel of people connected to the food and wine industry with one or more contestants eliminated each week.

    I still remember the first season of this show, and how Dave was knocked out. The was a final surprise knock-out competition in which the contestants had prepare food for three different kinds of people, those groups would then decide which was their favorite and the contestants who had the most votes would stay in. Harold won two, Dave won one, and Tiffany won NONE! Yet, who was knocked out...DAVE! It was an insult to all the viewers. I have since boycotted Top Chef and Bravo TV Network. I was outraged to hear that a second season of the show was produced and that the same egotistical "authorities" (Tom Colicchio and Gail Simmons) have returned. They are a disgrace, and in no means should be considered equitable judges. I urge all the viewers out there who resent heavy handed cheating and favoritism to BOYCOTT THIS SHOW!
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