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  • Top Chef na Sony! mt mt mt bom!

    Eu concordo que o Top Chef eh muito bom..., mas mesmo assim perde para o America's Next Top Model que até hoje não o ví bater ninguém!

    Olha ..., talvez o Top Chef devesse melhorar um pouco!... aqueles juízes são muito insensatos e tentam copiar o tempo todo o American Idol, que aliás não é lá essas coisas...

    Bom..., mesmo assim não posso falar nada pois nunca assisti ao último capítulo da primeira temporada!!! (é que ainda não passou no Brasil!!)... vamos deixar que venha o último capítulo finalmente para ver se ganha uma nota melhor né!!!....

    Com certeza vais passar!


    Correção: Aqui no Brasil é agora 15:33 PM!! e não essa hora errada marcada ai!!!... (LOL)
  • Food is the best and so are the chef's personalities.

    This is show is not bad at all. It's pretty intersting. I love the chef's personality and how they talk to each other and how everybody hates Marcel. It's funny. Also I knew that Cliff was going to do something stupid. I had the feeling. But I didn't know he was going to do something THAT stupid. He didn't deserve to win and thank goodness he is out. He made the show look bad.
  • Great show without Gordon Ramsey to bother!

    This is a great show but without Gordon Ramsey down
    Your throat in this Bravo show. It spotlights fifteen up
    And coming chefs who are vying for the prize as well
    As trying to be the head chef at a restaurant. Very
    Good drama and it has been my guilty pleasure recently for
    The past few shows and no wonder it is a hit with the audience.
  • A great new chef show from the creators of "Project Runway". A great concept with 2 challenges per episode. Also has lots of great guest chefs.

    Bravo, in my eyes, is the master of competition game shows. Although you can tell they edit it to their advantage. The contests are always interesting and the challenges are even more so. I love how they incorporate two challenges into each episode. A quickfire challenge that decides who has immunity from elimination and an elimination challenge that eliminates a contestant. With the wide variety of contestants it makes a gret show to watch. Check it out every Wed night on Bravo.
  • Getting better by the secont.

    I luv to cook and even if i didint like to cook the show has attitude and spunk. I luv the show. It is my dreeam too be a great chef like bobby flay. The show gave me ideas of recipies.I think the show could go very very far if people watched it.
  • Compotion at best!!!!!

    I just thought about it and since I have been watching this show since season one. I think this show brings reality to the best level of suspence! Did that make sence? This show is based on cooking (sort of like hells kithen) but better. I do not know what drew me to this show but there is something so cool that blows Home EC out of the water!Overall I hope this show has some mor seasons because I am tuining in!
  • Reality TV better than the same old stuff..

    Wow this was finally a new reality TV bring reality back into the show rather than all the new dating or drame shows that claim to be reality TV. This is Bravo TV oringal with some taste, ha ha not pun intended. But turely does make the mouth water. I was addicted to the first season and loved every minute, with great judges and people actually being people was refreshing as they compete to win a prize. There was no secerts etc just competition and winners and losers. Season 2 is a little less tastey as season 1, there is more drama but not a part of the producers and crew, rather the not so pleasant and honest people that made it to the show. I am sure season three they will have higher standerds again. I miss Katie as the host but they are doing fine, and Tom still rocks as head judge. And you got to love the guest judges!!
  • i will never watch top chef again. it was my favorite show on t.v. and i have never missed an episode.

    i cant belive u voted Trey off. he was and exellent chef and a pleasure to watch. i am so upset. i feel that the judges where bias unfair and uncompent. im just appalled at this whole thing. its just amazing that there were so many other contestants that should of been voted off before. this is a travisty to the whole bravo network shows involving contestants and judging. you should feel terible for this professional young man. i dont no how you sleep at night but those stupid judges have to live with their descisions and how it effects peoples entire lives.
  • Shocked by TOP CHEF

    I am (was) a big fan of Top Chef until recently. I was totally shocked to see that Top Chef allowed Foie gras to be made on their show. For those of you who do not know what foie gras is , it is the enlarged liver of a duck or geese. The way it becomes enlarged is by force feeding with a tube down the throats of these animals. This is VERY inhumane and it shocks me that Top Chef supports this cruelty to animals. For this reason I will no longer be watching your program.
  • I love this show, and another great new season is about to begin

    This show is a food lovers show for sure, the chefs are all passionate, they are all competitive, they all can cook, there is no drama created by the host, it's just who can cook the better food, and I love it. The challenges are all creative and fun, the quickfire's are exciting, especially the races, like the mis-en-plas relay, always fun. This show never gets old and I definitely see it having a really good run, sometimes the drama can overtake the cooking (like Leah and Josea in season 5) but otherwise I see no flaws in this show and I look forward to another great season.
  • You can learn from this show!

    I love this show. I have been watching it since the 2nd season and have since caught up and have seen all of them. You can learn recipes from this show, learn about what is new, in style as well as old traditional recipes and see a lot of really interesting people that have raw talent.
    This show also is entertaining. Has some drama but that is good because I am interested in the cooking!
    I have since used some recipes from the show and have my favorite chefs. Both Dales, Howie and my newest favorite, Carla. I would love to see where some of the old contestants are cooking now. I highly recommend this show to people who love to cook. You don't need to know a lot to watch it.
  • i love the show but hear i what i would like to see change

    i love the show but what i dont understand is way dont they know how to seasons. and why do they always try to cook some food that they cant say the name. grant it i have no colniary school but even i know how to cook with fresh seasons and could make better meals i just dont know how to do the prestions they never bbq their meat why and they never cook it in wine or bear. and why dont they cook it with the bone on. here si a simple mac and chese resipe i think you would like its my own i take nudles cook them then cut up for types of cheses and put in velveta a lettle salt and peper with some chives then i make a brown gravy and take after baking and mixing the rest 375 for 20 to 25 min i take the brown gravy with a brush and brush it on the top of the mac and chese then i put it back in the oven for 10 min.
  • The difference between Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen.

    First of all, let me say that I'm a fan and avid viewer of both Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen, but there is a difference in the two shows that should be obvious to anyone who has seen both shows. Hell's Kitchen contains cooks, every now and then, getting a really good cook, with a lot of drama between Gordon Ramsay and the challenges the contestants have to go through. I believe Top Chef is comprise of actually top-notch chefs who are not battered and bruise by curse words every few seconds, but other top-notch chefs who have made their mark on the business give them constructive criticism on what they did right and what they did wrong, and naturally when different types of people with their own style of doing things come together, there is going to be drama still, but Top Chef has a more serious, sophisticated air to it than Hell's Kitchen. Gordam Ramsay is himself a top notch chef, but the overall talent of the contestants on Hell's Kitchen I believe is much lower than the overall talent of the contestants on Top Chef, which is what I look for when watching Top Chef. I'm introduced to new types of food or new ways of doing things. Many of the challenges are a lot more creative than what's on Hell's Kitchen, so personally both shows get high ratings from me, but Top Chef is superior to Hell's Kitchen in quality in just about every way.
  • Wednesday is my new favorite day!

    As everyone knows, Bravo jumps to a new show after every season finale of one of there orignal series, from the season finale of Project Runway came Top Chef's Second Season. Although I did not watch the 1st, I saw some reruns, and it looks like the second season was fine tuned alot more. The show is filled with gastronomy and drama, from the beggining to the end. In some cases, people were unfairly judged, and I do not think Ilan should have won season 2. I cant wait for the next season, and hopefully the many more that are to come.
  • Better than most reality TV shows.

    This show is so much better than most of those reality TV shows that are out now. This show rarely has that stupid drama purposely put there for entertainment purposes. This show promises to do what it does, make you hungry. All the Chefs are wonderful and I enjoy watching this show over and over and over again.
  • Bravo takes their reality series to the kitchen. Contestents compete against each other to become the "Top Chef." There's no fooling around in this kitchen as their skills are being tested from day one.

    I was hesitant about how well this show would come out after seeing the initial previews. In replacing Project Runway I was fearing the attitude shown in the previews would be similar to all other reality shows where there’s always a character that has some skill but most love to hate. If you watch this shows credits you see that Bravo has a say in some of the elimination process decisions so you know it isn’t all skill based. However after the first episode of Top Chef I could tell things would be different. The contestants come from professional backgrounds and while some are less suited for the job they are all given an equal chance to win. So far it’s a great series and I have high hopes for it!
  • Megan Boris- I love this show, it gives you a desire to be creative in the kitchen!

    This show is so entertaining...from the amazing dishes the contestants create to the crazy personality clashes. It's one of the best shows, I love it! Season Four has by far been my favorite season to date. I really think having the show set in Chicago added a little different character to the show this year. I felt the contest was more about the quality of the food this year and the skills of the chefs than ever before. Also, I'm really glad the final contest was between Richard and Stephanie. They were both fantastic chefs, but I was glad to see a female win the title of Top Chef this year.
  • Watch this watch this watch this watch this

    I have watched every season and i love this show . My parents watch this with me . I cant wait for the next episode . Top Chef rules so hard . It is my inspiration to cook like my grand mother . The heat in the kitchen is roarin baby . I like Marcel ( season 2 ) , and Stepahn Asprinio ( season 1 ) , Ilan ( season 2 ) . They all rock but those are my abslolute favorites . . . . .. . . . . . .. .. . . . . . .
  • Not as good as Project Runway, but a great substitute for when Runway is "auf!"

    I never saw much of season one, and i didn't really feel like it either. But i have gotten really into season two! The weird thing is, being a picky eater i would probably never eat most of the stuff they cook. However, they make it sound really good! I sometimes wish i could try it!
    I also like how they show all the drama with the contestants. It takes the show to a whole new level so it's not just another boring cooking show. The challenges are good, and i'm always hooked from beginning to end.
    Overall show grade: A-
  • I personally think this is a great show

    I really like Top Chef. I was so glad when Harlod won. I wanted him to win since the beginning. This show has a lot of drama and delicious foods. I really liked every episode because the challenges show their weakness and their strongest abilities. Every chef had a different personality and that made the show more interesting
  • Show for all those who like good food!

    Well, I can't be totally objective here because I'm in love with good wining and dining. Thus, my obsession with it found its ground. LOL
    I really like it and I've learned a lot, by only seeing a season or two. Will catch up on all the rest for sure.
    This is a competitive show, it has its dynamic, good food, excellent chefs, interesting tasks, and lets you in on a few tips from chefs who work in great restaurants, have their own ways but still manage to emphasize on the nationality of each dish.
    Will continue to watch and will recommend it to all those who like being in their kitchens, chopping, cooking, frying etc.
    Good one!!!
  • Familiar, but fun.

    "Top Chef" is a reality TV show in which chefs of various ages, backgrounds, and abilities compete for top-of-the-line kitchen equipment and money ($100,000) to kick-start (or sometimes further) their culinary careers. Each week, the contestants are presented with a "quick-fire challege", which determines who has immunity from the main challenge for the week. The format is tired and can be likened to just about any other reality show on TV, but the personalities and differences between the contestents and the judges make the show worth watching. It is unfortunate, however, that the arguments and pettiness amongst the contestents have become the focus of the show. Although it is entertaining, I would like for some of the focus to return to the chef's cooking process and explanation of their dishes.
  • I like top chef alot because unlike other shows it doesn't seem to be fixed. And it makes for great tv!

    Top chef is kinda like project runway except for instead of fashion its food. I like that every one is on a level playing field there are no favorites or people who have a higher advantage. I think that the challenges are really inovative and require the chef's to think. It's really a great show.
  • i love this show a is awesome...nice show i can watch with the whole family

    this show has become one of my favorite reality contests because it seems honest. most of these reality shows are fixed such as cough american idol. i like this one because they are real challenges and it all is actually real. the judges are awesome even though they seem intense. the only thing i hate about the show are a few of the contestants. some of them that i liked in the beginning i hate now and some i never really liked in the first place...i guess the real characters come out after a few weeks of the competition and as you keep getting further and further into it. real colors start to show as the saying goes. i do like this show despite this
  • Chefs from all over compete for the title Top Chef

    I love any show that involves food because I love to eat. So anything thats has to so with food count me in. I love how these different chefs go from being some average line cook to this big time fancy dish maker. I love it. The judges are great and normally with reality shows there is always a judge that i dont like but I like all the jugdes on this show. I think they have one of the toughest jobs. I would hate to try some of thoses dishes that the contestants make just because they look funny. One of my personal favorites
  • Enjoy the Food Network? Always thought you could be the best cook in the world. Then Top Chef is for you. This reality competition takes Chef's from all different backgrounds and see who comes out as Top Chef.

    Top Chef began after the huge success seen by its predecessor Project Runway. It took a real life skill that could not be hidden by camera edits because the contestants had to produce a finished product. Top Chef is a great program for all food lovers. You can see the most amazing dishes created in a matter of minutes or hours depending the challenge.

    The premise is simple. The show starts off with a Quickfire challenge, which I consider the preamble to the show. The Quickfire is designed to see what the Chef's can do in a small amount of time using only their background and prior knowledge. They have no planning and almost always make it right down to the buzzer. Typically the bottom three and top three chef's are showcased. The bottom three are aware of what they did wrong and will have to "bring it" in the Elimination Challenge later in the episode. Typically the Winner of the Quickfire receives immunity in the Elimination Challenge competition, which can be great if the elimination challenge is not team based.

    Then the show continues with the Elimination Challenge, which allows for more prep and planning on a budget of course, with limited access to the stocked kitchen. Sometimes the Chef's are so stumped they are even planning in the supermarket as they find items and go from there. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't. As I mentioned above the Elimination Challenge could be individual based or team based, but typically it is team based. So when a member of your team has immunity it just means that everyone else has to step up so your team does not fall behind. Some of the Chef's get lost and think oh, one of our team members has immunity so that means we won't be on the chopping block. Wrong!!

    During the first season it was everyman/woman for his/herself and when they formed teams it was a nightmare. As the series has grown more contestants are realizing it is helpful if you can get along with your teammates. It not only helps you not get eliminated, but you turn out a better product for the guests to enjoy.

    The judging only takes place at the event the Chef's are creating dishes for. Tom Coliccho is the "Chef" judge and he stops in the kitchen to see how the contestants are progressing. One season a Chef forgot an ingredient and Chef Tom saw that ingredient being prepped and commented at Judges' table about why did that ingredient disappear. The ingredient could have made the dish better and was subsequently sent packing. So his presence could be helpful or hurtful depending on which way you see it.

    There is always a guest judge and recently they have brought in Anthony Bourdain and Ted Allen to spicen the mix up. This show is just great entertainment and always enjoyable. Sometimes a little to predictable, but every now and then there is a suprise. Bon Appetit!
  • Reality TV at it's BEST!

    To me this is one of the best reality TV series out there. Not only do I learn more about food as each week passes but the competitions are very difficult and push the chefs differently. Also it provides information on the restaurants they compete in which is good for some one like me who travels a lot. I fully plan on visiting Harold's (SEASON 1 winner) restaurant next time I am in New York. I like shows where the contestants don't just sit around and talk like big brother but are pushed every single episode. The next one should be in NEW YORK then they should go abroad!!!!
  • Lets get cooking'!

    This show is so cool and so original. Other than Hells kitchen this is the only show that has to do with cooking and i just love it! it is so cool because it isn't fake and it just isn't like all these other fake reality shows. This show is just ultimately great because it has so much great people on it and there is always some sort of cool action going on! This show isn't just good for all these other things though, it really helps you learn all these new things about cooking and it makes you want to be a shef yourself! I love this show so much and I don't this there is anything that could make me stop watching it! Great show I definitely rate this a B+, keep the dishes coming!
  • They Did It Again!

    Kudos to Bravo for developing yet another reality show that I have become absolutely hooked on. Who would have thought? I can't cook. I have no interest in becoming a chef. Why would I come to love some cooking show? Ah! But this was not just another cooking show. With a great selection of competitors, we had just enough rivalry and opposing personalities to keep this show interesting. The show was set up brilliantly with no dwelling spent on any one area. The show featured two challenges per episode including the one for the immunity. The judges no-holds barred assessment of the top and bottom chefs made for interesting watching as well. I didn't miss an episode of this series and perhaps learned a little about cooking along the way. I hope they bring it back for another season.
  • I think this is a very interesting show. It really challenges the chefs expertise on so many levels. Not everyone is mature, some have ego problems although all are capable of creating a palatable dish.

    In the Holiday Spirit episode, I was disappointed that Ilia and Cliff didnt realize that they needed more variety and more food. Cliff and Ilia dismissed Mia's suggestions, and never really asked for input from the team. Their group was not a team. I wished Mia would have put up more of a fight to be heard, but look at Cliffs' response to her meek suggestions. Ilia and Cliff left no room for anyone elses imput/suggestions. I was very sorry to see Mia go. I think that Sam and Cliff are the closest to what a top chef should be.
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