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  • So - let me get this straight... Ilan pretty much sticks to what he knows, is a JERK to a fellow team mate.. and is then handed the honor of Top Chef? What?!?!

    Ilan played it safe through the entire competition with his "Spanish Cuisine." I think cooking is an art - a lot like drawing or painting. I myself am an artist and I must remind myself that Picasso, Monet and other great artists created the foundations of the art community because they dared to break boundaries and step outside their safe zone. Marcel is already trying new things - just like a wise man would.

    Marcel may not have won Top Chef - but he will be the Top Chef in life. With his creativity, winning attitude and fortitude - he will go far. Poor Ilan.. Even though he has the $100k.. he is stuck inside his safe zone,..scorning anyone else for being different or trying something new. It must be hard to feel that inferior. Ilan reminds me of the bully on the playground.. he has to build his "gang" of friends around him to pick on the one guy who is actually showing some talent.

    You know, the entire season Ilan spoke so very poorly of Marcel, and spoke openly of his hatred for him. But I can only recall a couple of times where Marcel reciprocated - and that was only when provoked. Again, he is showing much wisdom beyond his years.. and beyond that of all his opponents - including bloated Betty.

    "BRAVO" to you Marcel! You are the TOP CHEF in many people's eyes and we look forward to seeing what you will create in the future!! Best wishes!
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