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  • The difference between Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen.

    First of all, let me say that I'm a fan and avid viewer of both Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen, but there is a difference in the two shows that should be obvious to anyone who has seen both shows. Hell's Kitchen contains cooks, every now and then, getting a really good cook, with a lot of drama between Gordon Ramsay and the challenges the contestants have to go through. I believe Top Chef is comprise of actually top-notch chefs who are not battered and bruise by curse words every few seconds, but other top-notch chefs who have made their mark on the business give them constructive criticism on what they did right and what they did wrong, and naturally when different types of people with their own style of doing things come together, there is going to be drama still, but Top Chef has a more serious, sophisticated air to it than Hell's Kitchen. Gordam Ramsay is himself a top notch chef, but the overall talent of the contestants on Hell's Kitchen I believe is much lower than the overall talent of the contestants on Top Chef, which is what I look for when watching Top Chef. I'm introduced to new types of food or new ways of doing things. Many of the challenges are a lot more creative than what's on Hell's Kitchen, so personally both shows get high ratings from me, but Top Chef is superior to Hell's Kitchen in quality in just about every way.
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