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    This season I have to agree is going a bit slow. However, I too am hooked. I like some of the characters they have this year. For instence: Dale... God help me he is so annoying and I can't wait until he is kicked off. Which probably won't happen. Richard... I liked how he is giving up credit to other when the deserve it. That is ver nice of him but I am sure he is doing that to show how nice he is and he is probably hoping that will get him somewhere. Antionia... Noticed she won the last two challenges the quick fire and the elimation. That rocks. Lisa... is an odd sort not too sure about her yet. The cake she made for the wedding wars was ugly as the judges said but she did what the groom wanted so. Spike... I don't know what to say about him yet. He wants credit but doesn't help that much. And, the austrailian guy... that sucked he deserved to stay and he was screwed... I have to agree with him a judge just doesn't like him. So that is so far my feelings they may change as the show continues but that is it so far.
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