Top Chef

Season 3 Episode 9

Second Helping

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 22, 2007 on Bravo

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  • Interesting turn of events.

    The quickfire was all about skills, and one team had the right people in the right jobs and won. I do not feel as if it gave them an advantage in the main competition.
    Some of the guest diners were a surprise, but Joey Howie's dish just because he knew he made is was so junior high, everyone else raved about the lamb, he complained it was overcooked and tasteless, typical Joey, a sore loser.
    I was so blown away with how Treys team just got outdone. Trey had a bad night, with a bad salmon dish and a bad desert. In my mind he was going to win this whole thing as I see Hung as wildly inconsistent when you get him away from fish.
    What will next week bring, hopefully some real good cooking.
  • Second chance???? HUH??

    Ok first I don't think they deserve a second chance, that was lame they should have just ended it last week but the producers wanted to drag it out for ratings so here we go....Well now the 'win first challenge and then become top chef streek' as in the first two seasons is OVER cause so sorry Tre it was your turn to pack your knifes and hit the road. Pitty cause he was a strong and darn good chef I think. And besides that even the talent to make it to the big show down.

    My favorite part of this week was the quick fire challenge. That was great and funny to. Rock on to Hung and his duck LOL and I love Tom's look and laugh at him. You know team April could have had a chance of winning but Casey was just plain sad! It was a speed contest come on!!! Hence the name QUICK FIRE and she is wooo taking her time cutting so perfect. AAHHHH I was like come on girl get it out and get going!

    In fact after the night was over Casey was who I would have vote to go home!! She is down to my last nerve but knowing the producers she will be there for long time! Sorry Tre but if you got cute sexy look and wear a ugle green shirt two episodes ago maybe you would still be here.

    And it was really nice to see Stephen!!!! It would have been nicer to see more of him since he was a guest in the show!! And I wanted to slap Dale for being rude!
  • Proof that you gotta be on your game all the time!!

    Well quickfire was something new. The chefs had to see which team, The Garage or April, could chopped certain items up the fastest. The Garage, or Quatre, won the challenge due to the messy chopping skills of Sara versus the neatly chopping skills of Casey which basically means that Sara was much, much faster. As a prize, Quatre gets a sommelier, someone who knows fine wines and that sommelier turned out to be dude from Season 1 with the deep explanation of everything. Well the war in the restaurant continues. While one team takes a very competitive, commanding approach while another team takes a more relaxed approach, I believe, based on the chances of the other team. Well Quatre wins the challenge, which consists of Hung, Sara, Howie, and Dale. Tre turns out being the person who leaves. He didn't run the kitchen tight enough, and even though he had the best dish that came out, the other stuff was just too bad and he was suppose to be quality control and really didn't do a good job @ that, plus i think he took too much on. i wasn't happy about it. i think CJ took too light a role, i really don't remember much about Casey, and Brian didn't do much either but great show.
  • The teams are allowed a second chance at running their restaurants.

    This was a great episode. The quickfire was awesome and I don't recall one like this having been done before. Poor Casey though with chopping the onions. At first, I thought it might have been the editing that made her look so slow but I was wrong. Tre was one of the better chefs but he shouldn't have taken on so much responsibility/the others should have offered to do more than one dish. They put out 7 dishes and Casey and CJ only did one each. Come on. Surpisingly, Sarah's team worked well together. However, there menu was heavy once again but the judges didn't make any mention of it. A great episode and hopefully in the future the chefs will always have a second chance at their restaurants since both season 1 and season 2 reasturant openings didn't impress the judges much either.
  • Exciting quickfire, where they see which team can chop and prepare faster. Restaraunt wars take two in the main part of the show.

    Does Padme even cook? she's a great hostess but I think you could find someone that could do that and be a chef too, no? Hung and Sarah went crazy chopping onions and chickens in the quickfire. I was pretty amazed at how this team worked togother. I thought it was hilarious that they brought back the blogger's friend from last episode. Madonna's brother I guess, I don't even remember his name. He brought in these huge modern paintings which were very nice. Although when is the last time you saw black frames in a modern art gallery? the answer is never! It looked hideous, totally took away from the art and the restaraunt. Dale was right about the color, it did look like Valentines day threw up in the room. Still, it was better than his choices from last episode. Team 'Quatre' really came togother in the kitchen, with Sarah leading the way. She made Hung and Howie do some dishes over and she was exactly right come judging time. You have to give her props for really stepping up and taking control, something the other team did not do. Trey was supposed to be a favorite to win Top Chef, but I never saw it. Remember the barbecue competition from the second episode? his pallete wasn't on then and it wasn't on now. All four chefs on the restaraunt April team really dropped the ball, I could have sent any of them home. If it were up to me? it would have been Casey because of her completely lousy onion chop in the quickfire, rule number #1 in Chefdom? Be a great slicer and dicer.