Top Chef

Season 3 Episode 9

Second Helping

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 22, 2007 on Bravo

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  • Second chance???? HUH??

    Ok first I don't think they deserve a second chance, that was lame they should have just ended it last week but the producers wanted to drag it out for ratings so here we go....Well now the 'win first challenge and then become top chef streek' as in the first two seasons is OVER cause so sorry Tre it was your turn to pack your knifes and hit the road. Pitty cause he was a strong and darn good chef I think. And besides that even the talent to make it to the big show down.

    My favorite part of this week was the quick fire challenge. That was great and funny to. Rock on to Hung and his duck LOL and I love Tom's look and laugh at him. You know team April could have had a chance of winning but Casey was just plain sad! It was a speed contest come on!!! Hence the name QUICK FIRE and she is wooo taking her time cutting so perfect. AAHHHH I was like come on girl get it out and get going!

    In fact after the night was over Casey was who I would have vote to go home!! She is down to my last nerve but knowing the producers she will be there for long time! Sorry Tre but if you got cute sexy look and wear a ugle green shirt two episodes ago maybe you would still be here.

    And it was really nice to see Stephen!!!! It would have been nicer to see more of him since he was a guest in the show!! And I wanted to slap Dale for being rude!