Top Chef

Season 4 Episode 10

Serve and Protect

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 14, 2008 on Bravo
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Salad, one of the least respected dishes by chefs, takes center stage tonight as the contestants are challenged to reformulate it, then they continue with the healthy kick by trimming calories and all things bad from a classic entrée. Guest Judge: Sam Talbot, Finalist from Top Chef Season Two. QuickFire Challenge: Create a Modern "Sexy" Salad Elimination Challenge: Create Gourmet and Healthy Boxed Lunches Round Tenmoreless

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  • quickfire challenge is recreating a salad and the elimination challenge is to create a meal cutting back calories for cops

    i really loved this ep..the quickfire and elimination challenges were awesome..and now to be less in spoiler lol..the quickfire was absolutely amazing and i was so happy to see sam again..i starred at the tv for a minute like isnt that sam and i looked closer and im like yay it is..and i didnt know he was diabetic..interesting fact..anyways..the salads challenge really wasnt that hard but i like how original some people were..and spike was such a jerk..he didnt get immunity but he took some really good ingredients just to be mean and didnt even use them well together..i think he should have gone..i was sad to see andrew go but after his attitude at the judges table it was kind of justified along with his cookingmoreless
  • Salads made to be more exciting!

    Salads are the least thing that you could do as the chefs have to make them not just tasty but also presentable. As they are going to be judged by none other than the Chicago PD. As they are there to judge them. Stephanie and Richard at the bottom three as they are always doing really well. Wow that was such a shocker! As Andrew really is brash, bold, and loud. And needed to go and get a taste of his own medicine. Think that Spike is so funny even though being funny isn't going to win you anything at all. All in all, a good episode!moreless
  • It's your skill....not your personality

    Well, after this episode I've basically summed this season's contestants up compared to other season's contestants. A bunch of great personalities confident in their skill but probably doesn't have half the talent that the previous contestants do. Richard has his own way of doing things, but there is still something missing on the fining dining level of doing things. Too many people in this competition have been missing very simple things such as seasoning overcooking and its seems while they have the confidence their not producing as well. And that's what happen in this episode. People are backstabbing each other trying to get an edge b/c honestly the skill isn't there. Richard and Stephanie are my picks @ this point. I hate Andrew left but he does seem like a novice. Got the spunk but not the skill. Good episode though.moreless
  • The winner of the Quickfire attempts to screw the rest of the chefs over, but everybody else comes up with some alternate dishes. There's sabotage, breaking of the rules and a unanimous decision as to who has to go home.moreless

    Richard and Stephanie on the bottom three of the quickfire? Wow. Spike and Antonia deserved to be the top three, those salads looked gah-ooo-oood. And Dale's face while gloating at Lisa was... not interesting.

    Tomatoes, chicken, bread and lettuce was clever of Spike, but everybody else took 'clever' to a new level. Especially Andrew. At that point, I expected and hoped he would win. Until he told Stephanie to 'smell the success'. What obnoxious behavior. But then(!), Stephanie lost my respect again when she said she couldn't get 'filled up' on sushi. I eat sushi at least once a week and I do get full. So, that's ridiculous. Lisa getting paranoid over a sabotage is funny. Dale, Richard and Stephanie (my favorites) seemed like they were doing well.

    At the challenge itself, Spike was pretty funny. First he teased Richard, "And the question of the day is, Do you like burritos?". Then he did his little marketing technique of making his table look empty.

    Stephanie's mushroom and meatball soup with barley, vegetable puree and yogurt made me gag. What a disgusting idea. But that's just me, I couldn't taste it. Spike's chicken salad with pita and raw vegetables looked nice until the judges started criticizing it. Dale's lemongrass bison lettuce wrap with brown rice and herb salad looked nice too, but it looked a little difficult to eat. Lisa was right about Dale only cooking Asian food. It's a little dull to watch. Antonia's curry beef with jasmine rice, berries and figs with grape syrup looked delicious, except I didn't think curry beef would be the most healthy choices one could choose.

    Andrew's salmon roll sushi with parsnip-pine nut "rice" looked awesome. I wanted to eat it, just 'cause I like sushi. But the judges didn't like it which threw me off. I thought it was a great idea, but it sounded like the sushi was messy, didn't even HAVE a grain, and wasn't that delicious at all. Richard's burritos looked so plain and simple, totally Richard-eqsue. I wanted to eat it on 'a nice summer day'. Lisa's shrimp stir fry with brown rice, berries and yogurt looked appealing.

    Woohoo! Stephanie and Dale come back, which is awesome. I thought Richard could've been there too. Dale won some Rutherford Hill Merlot and tickets to visit the winery. And as for Spike, Lisa and Andrew, it seemed fairly obvious listening to the judges that it was Andrew's time to go. Andrew nearly started an argument with them, he swore, he got a quick witty remark from Tom and afterwards, looked bitter as hell. It seemed like Spike was LOOKING to get sent home, challenging the importance of Tom's opinions.

    After all that, I still expected Andrew to go. He was arrogant, he didn't make his food delicious, he didn't follow the rules. Spike and Lisa didn't seem too vulnerable. In the end, I was right. Which was about time really.

    Sigh... It amazes me how immature people are when they're on reality shows. Really weird. But it looks like next week, we'll have a good episode because restaurant wars are back! xDmoreless
  • I liked the way they did this whole episode. Well done.

    The quickfire had some good creativity and I would have liked to eat a few of the dishes. I think the steak dish was great, and the one or Antonio would be great.

    The elimination challenge was very good. Making something good and healthy is always a winner. Too much exotic and rich food that tastes good and is not good for you.

    The soup was a great idea, so were some of the other dishes. As for Spike trying to screw over the other chefs was a cheap shot. He had no plan on what he was going to do and his chicken salad was lackluster at best. The fact that he did not have a blockbuster dish was a joke and he should have gone home for a bad dish and poor sportsmanship.

    Andrew not following the rules also got what he deserved. They have sent people home in other years for less, and his dishes have not been all that great.

    As for someone playing with the stoves, Marcel welcome back. Winning is one thing, but sabotage to win is not what a Top Chef should be.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • QuickFire Challenge Dishes Shown:

      • Andrew - "Thai Fruit Salad" with Mangoes, Strawberries, Raspberries and Sriracho Dressing
      • Spike - "Sensual Beef Salad" with Pineapple, Radish, Cucmber and Skirt Steak
      • Lisa - "Sexy Banana Salad" with Squid, Lobster Tail, Bananas and Yuzu Vinaigrette
      • Stephanie - "Fall Duet" with Pear Vinaigrette, Poached Pear and Artichokes
      • Antonia - "Poached Egg with Wild Mushroom Salad" with Bacon Vinaigrette and Squash Blossoms
      • Richard - "Fresh and Clean Salad" with Ceviche of Fruits and Vegetables
      • Dale - "Poached Chicken Salad" with Nori Paste, Mirin, Sake, and Rice Wine Vinegar

    • Spike wins the QuickFire Challenge, and wins a ten minute head start to shop, and the opportunity to pick one ingredient from each food group which the other chefs may not use.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Andrew: I want to show you guys what it is to eat healthy.
      Tom: How about serving something that's good?
      Andrew: Was it not good?
      Tom: It didn't taste good at all.
      Andrew: Really? That's funny. I had two people go back for it.
      Tom: They went back for it because it wasn't enough. They had to eat more.

    • Antonia: The fact that he's actually thinking how he can screw the rest of us up leads me to believe that he hasn't really put that much thought into his own dish.

    • Andrew: The atmosphere in the house is everybody's beat down! Except for me, I'm still all crazy. I woke up with a ****ing fire inside my stomach, like, 'Either I'm gonna stab somebody or I'm gonna make some amazing food.'

  • NOTES (4)

    • While watching the episode for Bravo's website's cameras, Spike says that he may have accidentally turned up Lisa's burner under her rice, since he was the person working nearest to her. But he maintains that if he did so, it was an honest mistake, with no intention of sabotaging her.

    • Dale says that he had used Bison once before so he knew how best to cook it, and that it was a great, lean beef substitute.

    • The aired episode does not show Andrew hugging Lisa in farewell, but there's a bonus clip at the Bravo website that shows them parting amicably, with a big hug. Lisa also mentions that she was the first one in the house to sit down and have a three hour long talk with Andrew to get to know and understand him, so her actions at the Judges' Table were not at all personal.

    • Andrew says that he intends to stay in contact with Spike after it's all over, and he has. Andrew doesn't own a TV set, so he goes over to Spike's house to watch Top Chef, including this episode. While he was there watching it, Lisa text messaged Spike, saying "Tell Andrew I'm an ***hole and I'm sorry, but I still love him."


    • Spike: I win the Quickfire, it's my first win. And I'm like, at first I'm like, 'Am I on Punk'd?'

      Punk'd is a TV show featuring celebrities as the butt of practical jokes.