Top Chef

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 03, 2007 on Bravo

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  • Cute, telling episode! Shows a lot about each of the chefs.

    This was cute and fun and showed a lot about each of the chefs. I was thrilled with the winner, it showed his true colors and ability. I think the challenges are about thinking on your feet and dealing with problems which all top chefs have to do all the time. This episode makes the chefs use their creativity and allowed them to really shine if they had it in them. This showed a lot about the strengths and the weaknesses in each chef. I think that TOP CHEF is not about 4 star cooking as much as it is about seeing how the chefs can think and work under pressure, if they have solid basics, have the willingness to learn, try and step out on a limb. I think that show pushes each chef to work under extreme pressure, when everything goes wrong or they do not have everything etc yet still have to turn out a product. Anyone that has been in a working kitchen whether it be the corner restaurant, the family diner, the middle of the road place or the high end 3-4 star place, you occassionally have delivery problems, where items dont show up, employees do not show up or quit half way through a shift, ovens do not work right, etc etc.. I honestly believe that this show is really about seeing what the chefs are made of.. the stock of the soup so to speak, so see if they can be fleshed out and developed into something rich and full. I think that the people that do not like the show are looking for an educational cooking show. This is about interaction and drama,..and fun and interesting cooking thrown in.. I really loved this episode.. it was fun and playful