Top Chef

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 03, 2007 on Bravo



  • Trivia

    • Cliff has a handicap during the QuickFire Challenge since he is color blind. Purple looks like black to him, but someone once told him that eggplant is purple, so he matched his colors to it. Marcel did offer to check his colors for him, but Cliff declined.

    • When Cliff lists the Seven Deadly Sins, he does not mention Gluttony, instead mentioning both Envy and Jealousy, which are the same thing.

    • Elimination Challenge Dishes:

      First Course Wrath
      Sam - Spicy Shrimp Ceviche with Chili Pepper Popcorn.

      Second Course Sloth
      Betty - Trio of Vegetable Soups: Carrot Fennel, Sweet White Onion, Beet & Red Pepper.

      Third Course Envy
      Michael - Trout & Salmon with Lemon-Thyme Beurre Blanc, Asparagus & Mushrooms.

      Fourth Course Greed
      Cliff - Bouillabaisse with a Green Thai Curry Broth.

      Fifth Course Pride
      Elia - Roasted Chicken with Vegetables.

      Sixth Course Lust
      Marcel - Cherry Tart with Cherry Gelee & Chocolate Sauce.

      Seventh Course Gluttony
      Ilan - Rich Chocolate Cake with Funnel Cake, Macadamia Nut Brittle & Creme Anglaise.

    • QuickFire Challenge Dishes:

      Red – Ilan
      Steak Tartare with Red Taro Chips.

      Green – Betty
      Green Zucchini Tamale.

      Brown – Marcel
      Steak & Eggs.

      White – Elia
      White Dover Sole Filet with a Poached Egg.

      Purple – Cliff
      Red Snapper with Grilled Eggplant & Blackberry Compote.

      Yellow – Sam
      Duo of Muffins & a Breakfast Crudo Salad.

      Orange – Mike
      Sushi Rice with Salmon & Carrot Chips.

  • Quotes

    • Marcel: (In response to Ilan's attack on his "flavorless" gelee) And have you ever tried, like, that brand of juice, R.W. Knudsen's? It's 100% fruit juice, which is what I made my gelee from, which has, like, so much flavor! I mean, check your palettes, get 'em tested.

    • Ilan: You know what's really funny Marcel, the first day I got here I've been wanting to smack you across the face. Why don't you !#$&ing go to a new school, learn some sh!%, go to France, go to Spain, go travel, go relax, go learn how to use some !#$&ing salt, paprika, come back to me, you know, come to New York, maybe I'll show you how to cook a little bit. I'll show you how to grill something. But until then shut the !#$& up, keep making your foams and go cry in a corner!

    • Betty: (referring to Marcel's QuickFire dish) Why does he have a foam on every !#@&ing thing he makes?!

    • Ted Allen: (referring to Betty's QuickFire dish) I also felt that your presentation was really, uh kind of a mess. It looked like something you raked up– not to be unkind, but…
      Betty: Well you are!

    • Marcel: Mike switches Envy for Lust with me, and I thought, 'He just, like, gave away a gold mine.'

    • Ilan: Because Gluttony is a Sin so closely related to food, if I can't get this one right, then I should go home right now.

    • Elia: (scandalized by Marcel's flirtation with one of the guests) Did you just pour chocolate in that woman's mouth?!

    • Tom: (speaking to the bottom three chefs) Our challenge today was, I thought, a very interesting one. You all had to choose one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and create a dish you thought best represented that sin. Unfortunately, each one of you committed a culinary sin.

    • Debi Mazar: (referring to the foam on Marcel's dessert) I think it looks like cat spit. But you know, I just feel like the dish was prepared by somebody who hasn't had as much sex as he really needs to, to make a dish feel like you really wanna !#$*.

    • Tom: (startled by the high quality of Michael's dish) Our Michael did this? …I mean, what the Hell?! He should get his tooth pulled every day!

  • Notes

    • In the third season reunion show "Watch What Happens" each of the Judges was asked which was their favorite dish throughout the entire run of the show. Ted had two, one of which being Sam's ceviche from this episode.

    • In his blog, Harold pointed out that he did ceviche with popcorn in the first season, just as Sam did in this episode.

    • Initial press releases had this episode titled "The Magnificent Seven".

    • R.W. Knudsen, the brand of juice used by Marcel in his gelee, uses 100% natural, organic ingredients.

    • During the filming of the episode Marcel was injured. Between the dinner party and the Judges' Table, the contestants went swimming in the pool. When Marcel dove in he got a cut on his head; Tom and the producers thought he would need stitches, but the medic said, "no" and the filming continued as scheduled.

    • The Guest Judge in the Elimination Challenge is Robert Ivan, Consulting Chef at Fred Segal, and a favorite of Debi Mazar.

    • Gayle Simmons again did not appear; Ted Allen took her place in the Elimination Challenge.

    • Michael became the first contestant to win both the QuickFire Challenge and the Elimination Challenge in the same episode.

  • Allusions

    • Ceviche
      Ceviche is a type of marinated seafood salad that originated in Peru. It is a fusion of Native, spicy cuisine and the aromatic and acidic technique used by a wave of Moorish immigrants. Classically, the marinade uses citrus juice (usually lemon or lime) mixed with chili, onion, and garlic.